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As a generic article writer I don't like to get bracketed into one specific niche, although many would. I write on any topic I feel strongly about or if anyone requests me to. Yes, you can too.

As a freelancer I've had a good going at Odesk and am just exploring Constant-Content and when I am not doing that then I might be posting some interesting stuff on my writers blog.

I also post useful Hubs on SEO tips, writing, product review and more under my alternate profile.

You can also read up my other intersting articles on Ezine. Also if you like my Hubs, don't forget to let me know. It encourages me to keep going. Have a gr8 day!

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  • Content Writer Interview Questions and Tips

    Content Writer Interview Questions and Tips

    23 months ago

    Planning to take up a fulfilling job as online content writer or taking up writing as a career? Well as with all creative pursuits’ content writing also demands a fair bit of creativity apart from consistent quality....