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How to Clear Job Interviews

Updated on July 31, 2010

Different Ways to Ace any Job Interview

Usually, the general perception about clearing any job interview revolves around the skills, domain knowledge, experience, motivation, and confidence the interviewee possesses. While this is still relevant, I beg to add my own two bits of knowledge on how to clear a job interview. I state there are ways other than above to clear a job interview and this includes flattery, bribe, fatal attraction and influence.

While these other factors may be less important than the honest bloke approach in most of the cases, they can be as crucial or even more important in some organizations and societies. While we are well versed with the smart guy-knows-all approach, let's delve into the other four ways in more detail.

Bribe your way to the job

One organization I joined had a total of 22 recruits in different designations. Having no influence even with my close ones, forget the interview board, I thought I hardly stood a chance in the interview considering the fact that some candidates were boasting of knowing so and so while others maintained a dignified silence while there known ones or daddy's loitered around with some internal people...the kind who matter.

But I was so wrong, and happily so. About 7 to 8 blokes cleared the interview using the first principle of talent, knowledge etc etc. No wonder the head of the interview board pointedly asked me whether I would be joining the organization if selected. After all, one honest guy selected means less money to be made through dishonest means. This I discovered later.

When the job training started and we all mingled freely and the competition to leave the others in the dust settled down, everyone came to know how others were recruited. Those who gatecrashed using their currency power were surprised that there people who entered without expending their bank balance and used their knowledge balance instead. In fact it took some robust defense to make others believe that I and some others hadn't bought our way in. There are still non-believers however.

Those who didn't bother much about how the interview would pan out simply doled out the greens and as they say money is a great equalizer. It flattens all obstacles in its path. Any how did they plan to recover their "investment"? Through a hefty dowry and through corruption of course. So the cycle continues and no ones complaining. 

Use your influence to land that dream job

At the outset let me state that this principle seldom works in isolation to the principle of offering underhand goodies to the interview board. Both work in perfect unison. In fact more the influence, more likely your 'bid' for the job will see you through. But there are those as I discovered in my batch who merely used their influence (read contacts) to clear the interview. Of course it works only when the influence reaches right at the top of the hierarchy. Middle levels are more democratic...the highest bid wins.

And it so happened that I struck up a good rapport with this chap and I came to know that his influence was pretty long lasting. He could not just power his way through the interview but also land a plum posting. Plum in the sense of enriching oneself while others wallowed in poverty. This is the real meaning of being self enlightened or so I think.

Which technique did you use to get that dream job?

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Have butter? Will spread

When you don't have money, influence, or skills and knowledge how do you clear the job interview? Either beg to be selected and hopelessly hope that your plea will be considered sympathetically or taken the beaten path and lick everyones behind who matters. Melt the candle such a candidate says.

I am not clubbing this job interview technique with the influence one as a guy with sufficient influence might not need to butter anyone. While those lesser mortals without such a reach cannot differentiate between higher and lower authorities and have to flatter almost everyone whom they come across.

But flattery is a skill that not everyone possesses. In fact it has to cultivated over time and practiced day in and day out to keep the oil burning bright. This I learnt from a bright co-worker who was a lowly eighth among his 10 siblings and as you might have guessed his family couldn't spare much for the interview board after meeting its existential requirements.

So he buttered. In fact he spared none in the office and made it a point to lick 'em all. The result was that everyone in the organization knew him well, or at least most of them. But did this have a direct bearing on the interview. In fact he played his cards so well that he got in even without appearing for the interview! So in way, he proved the superiority of butter over non-food weapons like money and power.

No wonder we couldn't locate the him on the interview day after the group discussion got over and the interview started. In fact so well greased was his candidature that even the executives responsible for whetting the candidates weren't aware of his disappearing act and assumed that the person had given up one step before the final hurdle. How wrong they were and so were we.

Fatal attraction might work too!

This applies only to the fairer sex and that too who have the oomph to lure the lesser mortals. Of course, neither of the two females in my batch resorted to this method and have plenty of talent and brains to make it on their own. But you know there are some who don't mind using the extra weapon in their armory when push comes to shove.

Of course if you can combine all the methods then you might not even need to impress the interview board rather it's the interviewers who will be wooing you. Get laid!

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Do you know any more ways to clear a job interview?

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    • profile image

      TOM 6 years ago

      Click onto my site .. you will see how cash is made in a different way but first i will like to say that a buddy of mine wanted to get a paving job and he said there is alot of people there in the interview line and i said how much do you have in your pocket he said 700 dollars he was going to pay for something on his credit card and i said use the money and make it worth his while i am sure he has debts... and he got the job he said that the guy said he will secure his job for a min of three months at 22 hour is that a great idea or what people and he will have hours to collect unemployment click onto my name and i will show you other ideas from me google.. GRANDIZER CASH... my buisnness is called proto-type-ideas..

    • Vimlaksh G profile image

      Vimlaksh G 7 years ago

      Thanks Anna...except for fatal attraction a guy can explore other options I mentioned above

    • anna20 profile image

      anna20 7 years ago

      You are hundred percent right Vimlaksh. This technique of getting job is easy for a girl but What should do a lad for getting job Easily???