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Hello All! My name is Shelly and I am new here. I am a part time writer who currently resides in the great state of Iowa. My interests include:

Renewable Energy - Wind Energy Tech

Education - Career and Vocational

Health - Any and All Topics

Hope to make some great relationships here while joining in on interesting conversations about all kinds of Hubs. Follow Me and I'll Follow You, Its all about good Karma!

Some of my most visited hubs are starting to get some recognition and if you take the time to read them then please feel free to leave me a comment to tell me what you think. It always helps to have constructive criticism. My two best hubs are about wind energy training and wind technician salaries and they can be found by clicking on the blue text links above.

Also, the two latest hubs that I have published include updated information about new opportunities in wind farm jobs. In these hubs you can find valuable descriptions that show some top locations where projects are set to start up. In addition, wind technician jobs are highlighted as the number one new occupation out in the field today. Please click on these blue text links to learn more.

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  • Wind Technician Salary

    Wind Technician Salary

    4 years ago

    Wind Technician salaries are averaging between $45,000 and $48,000 per year. The following article will detail more information that shows how Wind Tech pay rates are determined out in the field.