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You can call me a wordsmith if you want to, but let it be known that my words may haunt you,

while I can make a phrase sit still on the clock, I can write a sentence that could kill on the spot.

Like a sword or a sickle feeling much like a tickle as a phrase chops through your head.

My words will make you wonder have you panting as you ponder, how my theories left you tangled in a web.

When those letters are precise they can make you think twice, on what you probably thought was right at the time.

But when my words are injected and your confidence ejected, you'll see you were infected through the rhyme.

One moment you'll be reading knowing not that you're bleeding from the logic tearing holes through your brain.

For a second you'll feel numb from your toes to your tongue, from swallowed letters driving you insane.

Now you're lying on a roof with your life in hand then whoosh, everything you knew gets taken by the Wind.

As I sit here and I think, turning thought patterns to ink, I'm obsessed with forging weapons with a pen.

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