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Got my love of people from the gracious ones in Texas, my love for the mountains and biking them from California, my joy of writing from the big orange-covered biographies in the 4th grade, my love of relationships from the giving ones I've known and the thrill of creating from the Creator who is easily seen when you know how to look.

Joy for You and Me

Abraham Lincoln, Rival Slayer - Affirm Your Way to Success

".....even if it kills me" The unfortunate positions we take to prove we are right --Forgive, Forgiving, Forgiveness

Wanted: A Friend for the End of the World

Spend your summer in the Moonrise Kingdom

Outsourcing retirement to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The real story behind the founding of Pasadena

Improv Love at the Pasadena Playhouse--Jane Austen Unscripted-Review

Democrats vs Republicans--How Many Polemics Does it Take to Change a Demagogue?

Lethal beauty off the coast of Italy--Who's the Fairest of Them All?--Murder by Chatroulette IV

Getting Mindjacked by the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Do you remember when it happened to you? Genesis -- A Poem

How far would you go to find the woman you love--Anabasis

Courage takes practice--Things to Do Today That Scare You

Jim Henson was The Man Who Loved Being Green

How about Exchanging What You Can't Keep for Something You Can't Lose?

It's easy to start in a family, harder to return: Warrior Review

How to save the planet with Nonsense and Toilet Paper.

A review of Woody Allens: Midnight in Paris

Who is Michael and what is he doing in my rainforest? - More Murder by Chatroullette

More foul play and dastardly deeds: What Happens in Russia, Stays in Russia - Murder by Chatroulette #2

Foul play and dastardly deeds: Murder by Chatroulette

One of our best-kept secrets is out: Why Men Love a Muse

Ever wish you could Slow Down Time?

Gas giants can be controversial: Eleventh Planet Discovered to be a Hoax.

She's come undone: Birds that Never Land, Stories That Don't End

Isn't it time you programmed yourself?..Habit Your Way

Couples wanting to succeed need to plan for When Business Meets Bedroom

Who knew seeing up close would be so prestigious--The Myopia Club

The Most Watched Movies of All Time--or "what to take with you if you are stranded on an island with only a dvd player."

Life lessons from the busiest stage of our lives: Toddler CEO, A Success Story

Ever feel like love is hiding? When Love Won't Come

A movie review and bio look into a woman on hold: Secretariat-Some Risks are Worth Taking

Maybe you don't want to know everything--The Couple Who Knew Too Much

Trivia and music--stump your friends with these Crazy ABC's and Barenaked Ladies.

Would you rather have a chat with God or stay in the kitchen?--Choosing What Really Matters

Put your gloves on and weigh in--Five Guys vs. In-N-Out

Get ready to laugh yourself skinny in the Belly Laugh Gym.

A story of the creative power of love--Loving You Into My Life.

If you have a sufficient "Why" you can meet any "How" in life. Why is the secret to How - Lessons from Viktor Frankl.

Just in case you were wondering, it's Ok to be you -I Decided to Be Myself Since Everyone Else is Taken

Get ready to Dance Like the Whole World's Watching. and for inspiration: Ten Awesome Dance Scenes

If you think you just don't have time: How to Play

For a look at the poetic side of love you might enjoy Love is the Happiness... or Rapunzel's Gold... and if you want to stir it up, try Fanning the Flames of Love.

If you just want to have fun, check out How to be Funny 101, Ten Way Cool Hubs or I'm Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas and Everything I Need to Know...I Learned From my Dog.

For a look at the answers to life, discover Five Secrets to Peace of Mind, the surprising steps of achieving satisfaction in A Simple Guide to Happiness and an unorthodox look at religion in Jesus Would Look in Your Refrigerator and Jesus Won't Stay Where You Put Him.

And speaking of looking....What if God Was One of Us?

You are cordially invited to an HP get together: How to Succeed in Hubpages Without Really Trying.

Don't you wish you had seen some things coming: Warning! Read this first!

Serious players in the game of love and relationships may enjoy the "When" trilogy: When It's Time to Listen, When It's Time to Speak and UPDATED: When to Take a Bullet.

Thinking Creatively: A Giraffe is a Horse that Ran Out of Grass

For a little motivation CPR, try How to Keep Motivated When You're Barely Hanging On

For a kiss that stopped the universe-Singularity-The World's Best kiss

A new perspective on yourself and your neighbor Everyone is a Weed in Someone's Garden.

mysterylady 89 has written an absolutely delightful tribute to the metaphor featuring this humble writer: The Controlling Metaphor and Winsome.

Eleven year old Chloƫ Grace Moretz dominates in the action movie "Kick-Ass" as Hit Girl

After you stop laughing you just might find your car keys: I've Lost my Mind and I Don't Remember Where I Put It.

A peek at Winsome's soul in Children Under the Armor.

This one showcases the glorious amphibian: The Frog as Prince.

When you need a perfect day: It Was One of Those Surprise Days

The Hubnuggets Team picked my hub, Be the Best or Die Laughing Trying, for a Hubnugget Award and your vote made it official! Thanks to all of you who voted and thanks to the Hub community for your warm and very much appreciated friendship and support.

All of Winsome's articles are copyrighted by Winsome Publishing and all rights are reserved. =:)



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