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I am a young writer and I want to use HubPages to improve my writing skills and learn how to better express my ideas. I love reading so I will be doing a few book reviews. I am also a keen athlete and I play the violin. Music and movies are very important to me so I will no doubt be writing on those areas too. I love Bella my beautuful Staffie and will be writing about her in my hubs. I am looking forward to being part of hubpages and would appreciate it if you see any mistakes in my hubs or if you think I could say something better please let me know because I just want to get better.

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  • Macbeth Temptation

    Macbeth Temptation

    6 years ago

    circle of witches by *Scebiqu Macbeth was first tempted when three witches made three predictions. The predictions were that he would become Thane Of Cawdor, and King Of Scotland and Banquo's (his friend) descendants...

  • Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King

    6 years ago