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Cynthia (xanzacow)

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"What in the world does 'Xanzacow' mean?" Well, Xanzacow is the first three letters of my youngest two boys' names, and the first two letters of our last name. Xander, Zachary, and Owens. I came up with this name quite hurriedly, but now I have grown quite fond of it.

I do enjoy writing, but for now I still come up with many more ideas than actually get written.

I always wanted to become a proof-reader because poor grammar and spelling really gets under my skin. For some reason, though, my career went the way of nursing and has not yet recovered.

I appreciate all constructive criticism, and hope to one day become a terrific Hubber!

I enjoy reading others' hubs, and hope you enjoy mine as well. I have been here a little over a year now, and to be honest I do not feel that I am doing that well with it. I am surfing hubs and looking for ideas on how to improve. Thanks to all who have contributed to the "how-to-hub" forums. THANK YOU FOR READING!

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