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Hi! I'm a student in Romania (I'm Hungarian by the way) and one of my favourite hobbies is writing. Thanks to HubPages, I got an awesome opportunity to write just about anything. I like acting too, I'm a member of a local acting group, the Vitéz Lelkek ( Brave Spirits). I live with my mother, my sister and my grandma and with this site I want to help my family to get out of debt and to live a life that they deserve. I love animals and I want to draw attention to help them. I usually write about endangered species or just any beautiful animal (I know, all of them are beautiful creatures). I like to write about music and any kind of interesting topics (at least I find them interesting).Sometimes I just write an article for fun about a totally unusual theme, I like to share my opinion and, if needed, argument with you, fellow hubbers (friendly argument of course, I'm not an agressive type). When I'm not writing and acting I must be at the swimming pool or with my friends. At night besides sleeping I practice lucid dreaming (it's a really awesome experience). Sadly, my native language is not english, so I can't express myself as much as I want, but I try my best to keep you excited while reading my hubs!

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