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As a student and Babysitter, I like to help parents out every once in a while with an odd tip that helps them to communicate with their child(ren) on the same wavelength, so to speak. I also know what I like my own parents to, and not to say or do. I'm not the type to argue with parents, because parents are boss, but even the president needs friendly advice every now and then.

As a Pre- Professional Dancer, I have danced all through the east coast, and now I am on to the midwest. I have seen countless ways that dancers solve their problems; from blisters to camisoles. I know what has worked, what doesn't, and what every aspiring dancer should keep on hand.

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  • Dancer's Guide; Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

    Dancer's Guide; Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

    5 years ago

    After three ankle incidents that I danced through, I found some incredibly effective ways to stop the pain. Other dancers in my class have begged me for my secrets. While ankle braces are all well and good, Some of...