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Hi! My name is Jack Wong and I'm a veteran YGO player, the 2005 UK GBA Champion and world tournament semi finalist, as well as being one of the first level two judges in the UK.

At the moment, I spend time coaching YGO players, and have been organizing events and tournaments. I would say I know the game quite well! I'm friends with most of the top UK players (including two former UK champions) and have spent time deck testing and duelling with them. I've even created a free course specially for YuGiOh! players who are wanting to improve their game. You can check it out here!

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  • YuGiOh Deck Strategies and Tips

    YuGiOh Deck Strategies and Tips

    8 years ago

    YuGiOh Guide To outsiders, YuGiOh may look like a game played by little kids with little strategy:  We’ve had a 12 year old kid as a former US champion after all. To anyone who plays it, we all know it is nothing...