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There is much I could say but I think I'll keep this part simple. You will form your own opinion of me when you read my hubs. I am a complicated, unique woman that has a desire to write. I am a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and a best friend. I enjoy listening to various types of music and I love to read. I decided to start doing this because I really have a passion for writing. I figured I could do this in my spare time. I am very random so my hubs will most likely have a wide range. I hope that you will follow me to read the hubs that I post multiple times a week.

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  • Facts on Scabies

    Facts on Scabies

    4 years ago

    Most people only know what other people tell them about scabies as it isn't as common as it used to be. Anyone can get it, not just dirty people.

  • Types of Brownies

    Types of Brownies

    7 years ago

     Brownies are often everyone's favorite dessert. They are sort of like a thick cookie or a chewy cake. There are many types that consists of a variety of ingredients such as peanuts, chocolate chips, or even mints....