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I am Zhu YueJiao. The name itself means "calm aura of the moon". Indeed I would describe myself as gentle and timid but my ideas are anything but gentle. I have formed a habit of touching ideas that people usually refrain from.

I've had a typical Chinese upbringing and I admit that it was conservative. But as I accumulated more experience and was exposed to the happenings around the world in college I started forming my own opinions. I wasn't surprised when my opinions were considered radical in the "tight-binding" Chinese society.That was just the way it was.

I started voicing my opinions through the college magazine of which I was editor. It was a Chinese magazine and having a strong background in Chinese history and literature I could contrast the past with the present and express my views fluently. The appreciation and love from my peers and teachers helped me spread my wings and venture into the competitive domain of English articles.

English is a language that will help my voice break the boundaries of China and echo in the entire world and I'll use hubpages as the medium. I hope I find critics here who will discuss my thoughts, maybe counter them and create more vivid and powerful content.

Thank You :)

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    This is a birthday message for my Love, my soulmate who although being 2 time zones away from is still the closest to my heart.