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10 easy to learn dog tricks

Updated on February 6, 2013

We have trained our mini-schnauzer to do lots of tricks. It makes for great entertainment when you have company. The best part is knowing your dog listens to you, and wants to please you. Here are 10 simple tricks that are easy to learn, and make for great entertainment.

Sit The old faithful trick. Any trick begins with training. Start by forcing their behind down while repeating "sit." Always reward the right response. It won't take long, once they understand what you are doing. Some dogs are smarter and easier to train. Here is a list of the smartest dogs.

Down/Lay Down From sit, move on to down. This comes naturally, as all they are doing is completing the next step in laying down.

Shake A fun and easy trick to teach any dog is shake. People love to see a dog shake. Repeated instruction is key with this and most tricks. Dogs need to be trained and retrained so they don't forget what they've learned.

Speak This one can be tough, but their frustration will lead to a bark, which you should immediately reward. Repeated rewarding of barking will lead them in the right direction.

Roll-over Oh the fun and frustration that this brings about. You may need to help them perform it a few times. Some dogs do not enjoy maneuvering on their back. Be careful with large dogs, as they may have weaker backs.

Stay This is more of a practical trick. I love knowing I can tell Griffin to stay, and (most of the time) he will. It takes time, but is worth the effort.

Sing The most difficult trick we've tried so far is Sing. He doesn't get it, until we begin to sing and whine in one tone. He will join in and wail along. It's silly but cute.

Wait I love putting a treat in front of him and telling him to wait. People can't believe he is patient enough to wait for me to give him permission to get it. It trains their self-control.

Beg Not a good idea on slick floors. Some dogs don't enjoy being on their hind legs either. If they are game, though, it can be a fun addition to the trick book.

Go get ____ Griffin knows my wife and my name. If we say go get the other, he knows what to do. It's adorable. If you say "is____ here?" he gets excited. Gotta love having a smart dog that doesn't shed (Schnauzer).


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