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13 Fun & Interesting About Monkey Facts

Updated on May 25, 2012

Monkeys are one of nature’s most adorable, loveable, and often times funny creatures. They are shown in movies, documentaries and in your local museum. They have always had a close interaction with the humans that mimics human behavior. They only have this interaction with the human species and not with other animals. This makes monkeys a unique and interesting animal in different ways. So, here are some fun and interesting facts about monkeys

1. Monkeys are social creatures. In the wild, they gather in a variety of small family groups which then gather into smaller communities. The monkeys usually only interact with other monkeys and not other animals in nature. Being able to group together provides them several distinct advantages. It provides them a way to ward of predators that may threaten a monkey. The groups of monkeys also provide a sense of territory that is established. They often share food sources because of the inter-family mingling so there is never a shortage.

2. Monkeys have two separate generalizations. These categories help wildlife professionals determine where they are located. They are simply old world monkeys and new world monkeys.

Old World Monkeys: These monkeys are found in several locations around the world including Africa, Asia, Middle East, and other eastern countries.

New World Monkeys: These monkeys are generally found in Central And South America.

The largest difference between these groups is a significant difference in the physical traits they posess due to the habitats they have created

3. Yawn: Monkeys are one of the only few animals that actually yawn as humans do. When a monkey yawns they are either tired or angry with something. So, when a monkey yawns watch how closely they mimic humans when they do.

4. The loudest monkey on record broke over 120 decibels while screaming. It was accomplished by the howler monkey. Some people say they can hear howler monkey on a clear night over 10 miles.

5. Monkey Tails: Monkey tails are used to grab and hold on to objects they are interested in getting. They use it similarly to their hands to grab on to different objects. They use their tail to climb trees and swing from branch to branch. This type of tail is called a “prehensile tail”

6. Monkeys are Groomers: Monkeys can often be found cleaning parasites of each other. They will get rid of notes in their hair, lice or other parasites they may be calling their fur home. It is also considered a form of affection that is considered a sign of peace after they have been fighting.

7. Never had a Cold: Monkeys have a very powerful immune system that makes them immune to the influenza virus.

8. Laws of the monkey: A monkey was reported as being tried and convicted under the state constitution for smoking a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana.

9. Breeding: monkeys are similar to humans in which they are able to conceive at any time of the year. Many mammals only have seasons where the monkey can reproduce at any time of the year.

10. Communication: Monkeys are similar in the way that they communicate with each other. They are similar to humans because they use vocalizations, facial expressions, and body movements to communicate with other monkeys.

11. Never smile or Grin at a monkey: Monkeys have a funny way of showing aggression. When a human smiles it is often mistaken by the monkey as a sign of aggression. This is because when they are being aggressive they pull their lips. This is mimicking with humans by smiling bobbing the head or jerking forward with your shoulders.

12. Spider monkeys are Famous: Spider monkeys are the number one choice of monkey in films and movies. More of these monkeys have appeared in the cinema than any other type.

13. Bananas: Monkeys are actually very sophisticated banana eaters. They will peel away the skin before eating it and then throw away the peel.


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