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A Few Poems for Dog Lovers

Updated on July 15, 2009
"Spuds McKenzie"  see text.
"Spuds McKenzie" see text.

Man's best friend in verse.

Forgotten Fred

Mean and nasty, ugly as sin,
Proudly guarding his heap of tin.
Chained up tight to a rotten log:
That’s old Fred the junkyard dog.

Chained up tight for many a day;
The local folk keep well away.
Watching his pile of rusty old scrap;
One eye open while he takes a nap.

No one pets him; nobody cares,
If he’s cold or lonely, how he fares.
He’s never been warmed in cosy homes;
He’s never tasted juicy bones.

Fred’s never seen any love or care.
Fleas scurry beneath his matted hair.
He’s getting stiff; can’t hear too well,
This ragged king of a junkyard hell.

No one knows who named him Fred.
He won’t be mourned when he is dead.
Loyally barking in sleet or fog.
Forgotten, friendless, a junkyard dog

Note:  The German Shepherd which inspired the above poem was chained up its whole life in Flannagan's Scrap Metal, Depford..

The Canny Canine.

Slurp, slurp, slurp, the dog.
Round his head a auric fog
Of good sense and canine wisdom.

He rests a spell; resets his style
And sticks out his hot tongue a while.

The Sunday Pet Shop

At last the puppy sleeps.
His tormented day fades.
The hot pet shop; iron cage;
Unfeeling, prying fingers.

He longs for that familiar face
He will never see again.
The warm tongue; the soft teat;
Safe retreat from the world.

Once again, contented, he nuzzles,
The little furry face wrinkles;
He dreams her steady heartbeat;
His lips taste that rich milk.

I gaze, stricken, through the glass
At his neon-daubed prison.
If I could just pick him up,
But he’s light years away.

Stay in dreamland, furry heart,
For you are one of the lucky ones
Who will soon find loving arms.
The curs on the street shiver
In the cold Cantabrian dawn.

The above verse was inspired by a puppy, locked up alone all weekend in a pet shop in Santander

Chico: A Mini-Schnauzer (As a puppy)

This tiny, grey-white atom
This busy ball of fluff.
Did the same kiln create you
That forged old dragon Puff?

This bright, precious particle
That a wind might blow away.
Could it be that such as these
Held murderous beasts away?

Fear, that was the mailman
In the atrium today
He seems a trifle serious
As he slowly limped away.

Tibbs, the neighbour’s Persian
Is suffering from shock
Since he fell on top of her
From off the garden rock.

And if you want your daddy
To leave this happy home
Insist that I touch him
When he’s chewing on a bone.

Maybe this warrior’s secret
Is he only has one part.
Clip this fluffy, madcap mite
And all that’s left is heart.

Chico, a Mini-Schnauzer (Parting)

Gaze into those guileless eyes,
Liquid pools of shy surprise.
A lifted paw, a questing nose;
Tufts of hair between his toes.
This innocent, beloved friend;
Trusted partner to the end.

Diffident, he’s loyal and true.
The things he calls his own are few:
His bone, his little rubber toy,
Which fill his vibrant life with joy.
This innocent, beloved friend;
Trusted partner to the end.

Although I doubt it can be true
A god above formed me and you.
On us he practised day and night,
To create this perfect little mite.
This innocent, beloved friend;
Trusted partner to the end.

The day I flew away from Spain
And left you standing in the rain,
Broke this silly heart in two
And worse, it did the same to you.
My innocent, beloved friend
We’ll be together at the end.

The above two poems were inspired by my beloved Schnauzer, Chico, who I iost through divorce.

Spuds McKenzie, Super-Star.
(The bull-terrier, US canine model of the 1980’s)

Spuds McKenzie, super-star.
Are you happy the way you are?
Bedecked, beribboned, decorated,
Shampooed, perfumed, often feted.
Petted, fondled, loved and lauded;
Rich and famous, much applauded.
A master chef prepares your food.
In your life there’s nothing crude.

You’re never scolded, much less cuffed;
You eyes are lined, your nails buffed
But I bet you’d throw stardom away
To be a real dog just for one day.

(Spuds was really "Honey Tree Evil Eye," a female bully which died of kidney failure in 1993. As "he" (she) was advertising Budweiser beer, perhaps she had too much!)

Poems copyright by author


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    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Thanks dog lover...woof woof!


    • profile image

      Dog Lover #1 6 years ago

      I think they were very creative, I love dogs sooo much U wouldn't believe. When I saw these wow, adorable! ()^.^()

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      uroobs: Do you have any skills apart from bad spelling, overuse of exclamation marks and an anti-social attitude? Bob

    • profile image

      uroobs 6 years ago

      headake work i hate it!!!!!!