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All About the Biorb Fish Tank

Updated on July 10, 2013

There is nothing more pleasing than a nice fish tank. Watching fish swim about in a well lit and well maintained tank is one of the most relaxing things you can do. Spend a few minutes after work or before you go to sleep at night and see just how relaxing it can be. You watch your fish happily swimming about and interacting with each other, the soothing sound of the filter running, the warm glow of the aquarium light, and you sink into a happy and comfortable state of mind. Watching fish can lower your blood pressure, ease away the worries of the day, and put your mind at rest. 

The one thing many people do not care for when it comes to owning a fish tank is the upkeep it requires. They do not enjoy the cleanings that can be necessary with some kinds of traditional fish tanks or the stress that can come with keeping the tank a healthy and disease free place for your fish to live in. But what if you could have all the enjoyment of owning a fish tank but the maintenance was easy and nearly carefree? Well, with a Biorb fish tan you can have just that. A Biorb fish tank is so simple to own and even easier to care for. Read on to see what makes a Biorb fish tank the right choice for you.

A small Biorb fish tank will do well for your betta!
A small Biorb fish tank will do well for your betta!

Features of a Biorb Fish Tank

When it comes to buying and setting up a fish tank, there really is nothing easier than purchasing a Biorb aquarium. This is because everything you need, except for water and the fish, are included in a Biorb fish tank set. Included with every model of Biorb fish tank are the essential elements to a healthy environment for your fish. This includes the tank itself, the light for the tank, the special filtration system that will keep the water clean and healthy, a special ceramic media that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, an air pump, the water dechlorinator, and even a small amount of fish food to get you started. With a Biorb fish tank set, you can have you aquarium up and running in only a few minutes.

The feature that really sets a Biorb fish tank apart from any other aquarium is its 5 stage filtration system. There are two center pieces to this filtration system, the mechanical filter that strains out toxins that build up in any fish aquarium and the ceramic media, which provides a place for helpful bacteria to grow. The mechanical filter strains out solid waste, such as excess fish food and fish feces, thus keeping the water clear, clean, and full of the oxygen that your fish need to breath and stay alive and healthy. This mechanical filter in your Biorb fish tank is powered by a stream of air from the air pump. As the filter is run by this stream of air, the air bubbles also work to keep the water oxygenated and stimulated for release of carbon dioxide buildup. In addition, the activated charcoal in the filter cartridges that are used with a Biorb fish tank strains out toxins such as nitrates, phosphates, and ammonia.  

At the same time, the ceramic media harbors millions of beneficial bacteria that consume waste and toxins in the water. These are the bacteria that are present in any well functioning natural aquatic environment. These bacteria establish themselves in the ceramic media to do the job of organic filtration over the long run. This, along with the mechanical filtration, is what makes a Biorb fish tank so easy to maintain.

Biorb Fish Tank Styles

Of course, all the filters in the world won’t make a nice aquarium if it doesn’t look great in your home or office. But this is where Biorb fish tanks excel as well, when it comes to style. These fish tanks come in a variety of sizes and looks, all of which are very pleasing to the eye. The 8 gallon Biorb Silver Aquarium kit, for example, is the perfect size for a living room or bedroom. Or, if you want something a little smaller for your desk at work, the 4 gallon model will look great too. Both aquariums are made in a pleasing round shape, such that the exceptionally strong clear acrylic tank magnifies your view of your fish for easier viewing. If you want something a bit larger with room for a few more fish, then you might want to try out the Biorb Life 12 gallon tank with its extremely pleasing rounded rectangle shape.

What all of the Biorb fish tank models have in common is the fact that they come complete with everything you need to get your aquarium up and running. Then, with just a bit of simple maintenance, you will be enjoying your fish for years to come. The Biorb fish tank filtration system will keep your fish happy and healthy over the long term and you happy right along with them.


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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 5 years ago from Miller Lake

      Enjoyed the hub this is something I would like to get my Red Devil (Mr.Fish) a nice larger tank thanks for the info.