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Indoor Rabbit Cages

Updated on June 6, 2013

Rabbits make great pets. They are beautiful animals that come in such a wide variety of shapes and colors and sizes that it will amaze you. They are also such soft animals, with a luxuriant fur that you and your friends and family will love to pet. When properly cared for and treated, rabbits can be trained and will become a loyal part of your family. They can be quite friendly and will enjoy your company. Rabbits enjoy playing with toys and are very fun loving creatures. What’s more, rabbits are relatively easy to care for and do not require a lot of care from the veterinarian, although routine visits to your vet should be made for your pet rabbit.

Rabbits are also clean animals with a nice smell when their cages are tended to on a regular basis. Given their cleanly and friendly behavior, many people like to keep their pet rabbits indoors. In this way they are more like members of the family, and the kids will especially like having their pet bunnies inside. Because rabbits are also a favorite food of many local predators, keeping your pets indoors can also be a lot safer. With all this in mind, you will want to purchase an indoor cage for your rabbit. Read below for tips on choosing an indoor rabbit cage and a listing of some of the best indoor rabbit cage models available on the market.

Indoor rabbit cages - so you can have your rabbit in the safety of inside.
Indoor rabbit cages - so you can have your rabbit in the safety of inside.

Tips on Buying Indoor Rabbit Cages

Rabbits are very active and playful animals. They like to roam and run around to stretch their legs and play. For this reason, the first thing you should consider when purchasing an indoor rabbit cage is the proper size. The best rule of thumb when deciding on a rabbit cage is that bigger is always better. The more room you have for your pet rabbit and the bigger the cage you can accommodate in your home, the happier your fuzzy bunny is going to be. That said, an indoor rabbit cage should be at least five times the size of the adult rabbit that will occupy the cage. This means that if you buy a young rabbit you will have to be aware of how large it will be when it becomes an adult. Sometimes indoor rabbit cage makers will recommend cages that are smaller as an incentive to you to invest in both a pet rabbit and their cages. Be aware though that some of these estimations can be too small to properly care for a rabbit.

Because rabbits like to sit up on their back haunches, an indoor rabbit cage should also be tall enough to accommodate your pet rabbit. Rabbits have sensitive ears, so your bunny’s ears should not come into contact with the top of the cage when he or she is sitting fully upright. Again, your rabbit will be most happy if you get the tallest cage your home can accommodate.

Rabbits also have sensitive and delicate feet, so care should be taken not to inadvertently injure your pet rabbit with your indoor rabbit cage. The floor of the cage should be solid, not wire, as the rabbit’s feet can at times become stuck between the wires of a rabbit cage bottom and serious injuries can result. If you do purchase an indoor rabbit cage with a wire floor, you can cover it with a layer of newspaper or a piece of artificial grass or some other durable material that can be replaced or regularly cleaned.

At times your rabbit can get a bit nervous and when this occurs it can injure itself or you or your family with its claws. These cases of rabbit nerves can sometimes occur when you are taking your rabbit out of its indoor cage or when you are returning it to its home. To prevent injuries and to make your rabbit feel more at ease when taking it in and out of its cage, be sure to purchase a cage with as wide a door as you can. Some indoor rabbit cages come with side doors, along the cage’s widest side, and these can be ideal for your pet rabbit.

Finally, as nice as your rabbit cage might be, you should not forget that your rabbit will be much happier and healthy if it gets the chance to roam free of its cage on a regular basis. Your rabbit will enjoy hopping around your home, and you can even train your rabbit to use a litter box while it is out and about, just like your cat.

A Few Good Indoor Rabbit Cages

One nice indoor rabbit cage is the Prevue Small Animal cage. This indoor rabbit cage is spacious and durable and will hold up well for the lifetime of your pet rabbit. It does have a wire floor, although the space between the wires is small enough to prevent most injuries. A covering of some sort is still recommended. The really nice thing about the Prevue cage is that it is on wheels, allowing your to move your rabbit around the home. This will make bunny happy and keep him or her in good company.

Another good indoor rabbit cage is the Super Pet Habitat. This cage also rolls on wheels and has two levels so that your pet rabbit can move about and get some exercise. It has both a top door and a side door, so taking your rabbit in and out of its cage will be easy and stress free.

Either of these indoor rabbit cages will serve your rabbit’s needs well, as will a number of other models available on the market. Buy a quality rabbit cage for your pet and have a healthy and happy bunny.


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