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Advantages of Using Puppy Pads for House-training

Updated on February 23, 2010

Utilizing puppy pads is a method of house-training worth consideration, as this task is one of the biggest concerns of new pet owners. There are many proven techniques that will help a canine become comfortable with living indoors, and the proper way to train an animal depends on the circumstances at hand. The use of disposable or washable pads is the right choice for those who have busy schedules that prevent them from taking their pet out during the day, and this option is clean, convenient and effective. There are many types of products available where pet supplies are sold, so be sure to find the ones that will work best for your individual situation.

Paper-training is messy and downright unsanitary. Unpleasant smells can overwhelm a residence within hours, and there are very few things worse in life than discovering a nasty stench in your home or apartment after returning from a long day at work. Plus, newspapers can quickly become saturated with urine, which can leak onto the surfaces below.

Puppy training pads are usually scented, so they will eliminate the problems associated with odors, and they are extremely absorbent. These products are also very easy to dispose of, and because most of them have plastic backings, there should never be a leaky mess to contend with.

It is hard to find individuals who will pass at the chance to take home a new puppy, but the fact of the matter is that most people simply do not have the time or energy to properly train their pet. A canine can be happy and healthy without knowing how to perform elaborate tricks, but house-training is mandatory. Using puppy housebreaking pads is a convenient way to teach a four-legged friend about the right and wrong places to seek relief. Simply place a pad on the floor and then throw it out when it is soiled.

When it comes to housebreaking a dog, so-called “paper-training” is an easy and effective way to tackle this issue. Using a puppy pad takes advantage of how well using paper works, while adding a level of cleanliness and convenience to the age old process.

Everyone who decides to bring a new furry friend into the family is faced with unique circumstances. In some cases, the pad or paper-training option is not the best course of action, but those who simply do not have the time to spend teaching their animal the intricacies of going outside to relieve themselves will benefit from this approach; along with individuals that must leave their pet unattended in an apartment on a consistent basis.

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    • n8blls profile image


      8 years ago from Austin

      I have 2 great danes and house pads actually work for them. Sometimes they just can't hold it when left inside too long and I sure don't want to clean up after a 130 lbs beast!!!

    • Home and Garden profile image

      Home and Garden 

      8 years ago

      Sure wish I had those when I had a the article sure beats newspaper.


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