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Dog Pens: Choosing the Best Location

Updated on February 21, 2010
Chain-Link Dog Pen with Plastic Kennel
Chain-Link Dog Pen with Plastic Kennel

Outdoor Dog Pens: Location, Location, Location

There are several things you must consider when deciding on the best location for dog pens. First and foremost is the type of dog you have, as well as his personality.

If your dog likes to run, you might consider a space that is long and narrow and allows him to run. If he likes the sun, make sure the outdoor dog pen is in a place that gets plenty of sun. Dogs who love to dig in the ground may need some special considerations. You do not want to place him in a pen above soft ground so that he can dig his way out. That defeats the purpose of the pen.

Dogs that are active and like to bark should not be placed near the windows or within close sound range of neighbors. While you might not mind hearing your dog bark, there is no guarantee that your neighbors share this pleasure.

You might also want to consider other things that make your dog bark when you are building a dog pen. For example, you do not want to place the dog pen near the street if cars or children playing will encourage your dog to bark extensively. The same goes for being too close to your neighbor's pets. Sometimes, the mere presence of another animal could set your pet off for hours. Photo Credit

Dog Pen with Crate and All the Trimmings
Dog Pen with Crate and All the Trimmings

Using Indoor Dog Pens

New puppies might be best suited for indoor dog pens. Initially, they whine when they have to be far away from you. Over time, though, they get more comfortable and you can begin to wean them away from you.

A dog play pen should have adequate water supply and be the right size for the dog to spend time inside the pen comfortably and get sufficient exercise. A dog bed or a favorite blanket should also be placed inside so that your pooch has a comfortable place to rest in between romping around while he is contained. The bedding will help make your pup feel more secure, and if you want to transition him to a new location, it will be easier if he recognizes his own bedding. Photo Credit

Is Your Pooch a Jumper, Climber or an Escape Artist?

There's still one more important thing you may want to consider and that is your dog's tendency to want to jump, climb and escape your chosen containment option. Some dogs and even very young puppies love to climb, some like to jump and others try to defy any type of containment. Watch the video below as this determined beagle climbs out of his outdoor dog pen.

Is Your Pooch a Canine Houdini?

Does your dog jump, climb or otherwise escape from its dog pen?

See results

The location of dog pens is primarily dictated by the personality and the preferences of the dog and the level of peace of mind that the dog owner desires. Remember to keep safety first, to consider the needs of those who live in close proximity to the pen, and to be specific enough to suit the tastes of your dog. Visit Dog Supplies Advisor for more great information on caring for your dog.


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