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Aquarium : Fish Care

Updated on September 25, 2015

Aquarium Fish

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Gold Fish  Full moon Betta FishBetta Fish : MaleAquarium TankDiscuss Fish : Hybrid typeArowanaFlowerhorn : Hybrid type
Gold Fish
Gold Fish
Full moon Betta Fish
Full moon Betta Fish
Betta Fish : Male
Betta Fish : Male
Aquarium Tank
Aquarium Tank
Discuss Fish : Hybrid type
Discuss Fish : Hybrid type
Flowerhorn : Hybrid type
Flowerhorn : Hybrid type

Fish Keeping : Generic Info

Fish Keeping is the hobby of most people. Peoples grow fish in tank at home or in garden pond due to their(Fish) attractive colours and behaviour. There are so many fish in the world but only few can be able to grow in tank. The most popular fish are,1) Gold Fish2) KOI Crap Fish3) Angel Fish4) Betta Fish5) Flower Horn Fish6) Arowana Fishand many more...Apart form the above mentioned fish, there are many more but not common between aquarium hobbyist.

Aquarium Fish : Types

According to their behaviour , Aquarium fish can be broadly classified into two common categories as, Fresh water Fish and Salt Water Fish(Marine Water Fish). Freshwater fish species are Catfish, Tetra , Silver dollar, Gold fish and many more. Salt water species are Butterfly fish, clown fish, Damsel and many more. most of the fresh water and salt water fish are not suitable to grow and maintain in tank at home.

Moreover based on their aggressive nature, they are further grouped in 2 types by aquarium hobbyist such as 1) Hard varieties and 2) Soft varieties. Fish with more aggressive nature are so called as Hard variety and with soft nature are called Soft variety. Arowana, Flowerhorn and Paarot fish are called Hard variety fish and Gold fish are well known for soft variety fish.

Likewise fish can be classified in many ways based upon their suitable conditions to live ,to breed, and so many factors.

Gold Fish : Care

Gold Fish is are fresh water fish and most commonly kept in aquarium. Gold fish are native of East Asia region. Gold fish vary greatly in size, body, colouration and fin configuration.

Few Gold fish varieties are,

1) Common Gold Fish

2) Black Telescope

3) Lion head

4) Ranchu

5) Oranda

Behaviour of Gold Fish :

Gold Fish are attractive and show schooling behaviour. They are friendly to each other and very rarely they attack opposite sex of same species while breeding. They can be kept in aquarium as group or even in single. But keeping in group is most preferable option because they are friendly in nature.


Gold fish can be feed with variety of feeds which contains more proteins and carbohydrates. Feed as many as your fish eats within 5mins , then remove the excess foods not to make water pollute. Feed 2-3 times daily with regular intervals for 6 days and do not feed your fish on 7th day( put your fish on starving). This might help your fish to maintain constant bowel movement and to maintain health.

Feeding tips :

First 6 days : Feed 2-3 times with regular intervals

7th day of every week : Fasting(Don't feed your fish).

Gold Fish Tank

Betta Fish Care

Betta : Generic Info

Betta are generally from muddy ponds of Thailand region. Usually Betta are dull in color and short body with short fin. But nowadays due to genetic mutation while breeding, we are seeing Betta fish with striking colour and elongated fin with attractive nature. Only Male Betta has striking colour and elongated fin due to genetic mutation as said above. Female Betta remains same dull colour and with short body.

Behaviour of Betta Fish:

Male Bettas are more aggressive than female Betta fish. Due to aggressive behaviour of male Bettas, they should not kept together where they are in contact with each other.

Essential things for Betta care:

Tank Size : At least 5 gallons to create joyful environment for Betta.

Conditioner: Water conditioner to remove Chlorine content in water as well to remove toxic content in that water.

Heater : To maintain water temperature( optional)

Betta Food : Betta pellets or freeze dried food especially made for Betta.

Filter : Any aquarium filter to provide aeration and to maintain water quality.

and Most important factor is,

Good owner - Owner needs to spend some time daily with their fish to take care of their health.

Feeding Guide

Feeding quantity
Monday - Saturday
Feed up to your fish consumes
6 hours - 3 times/ 9hours - 2 times
Do not feed your fish

Angel Fish Care

Angel Fish : Generic Info

Angel fish are known for very sensitive behaviour. I agree they behave in aggressive manner with each other. Since it is sensitive, more care should be taken if you decided to pet this in your tank.

These are crescent shaped with long fins and they can grow up to the size of palm of someone's hand.

Essential Things:

Tank size: Need 30 gallon tank for single fish. Angel fish should be kept in pair not as single.

Heater : Heater is must to maintain tank temperature.

Tank mates : preferably Tetras, but its depends upon you(Optional)

Decoration : Decorate your tank with rocks and plants (Optional)

Food : Feed appropriate diet for your fish like blood worms, pellets and so.

Feeding Guide:

Feed 2-3 times daily with appropriate interval.

Fish Behaviour

Which fish has interesting behaviour as per your opinion?

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