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Are Female Ginger Cats Rare?

Updated on September 16, 2015

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Are female ginger cats rare? If you are the owner of a cat, especially ginger cat, perhaps this question ever cross your mind. If you found ginger cats near your house whether it’s in your front yard or near your mailbox, would you ever consider adopting and raising it especially if they are homeless? You should be proud if you can adopt a ginger cat, especially if they are female ginger cats. According to a new research, ginger cats are one of the favorite cat types and female ginger cats are less common than male ginger cats. Some owners said that ginger cats are friendly cat and easily approachable. Ginger cats are kind of cute and adorable cats that easily make friends with human. Ginger cat is a cat that loves to be loved and smart, but plenty of cats with any colors and types also have the same impression depend on their characteristic and actually there is no evidence that cat’s fur color is linked only to their personality.

I personally have several ginger cats, yes, not only one but four ginger cats. They are all came from different families. Among of my four ginger cats, I have one female ginger cat that I found near my house that seems homeless and she was only a little kitten. The female ginger kitten I have found is so cute and adorable. Her fur is so bright, shiny and clean and I wonder where she came from. Except endangered animals, adopting pets in my country is easy and acceptable without having to take it first to any pet’s center to get the ownership certification. So, I decided to raise her and didn’t know at first that female ginger cats apparently are less common than male ginger cats.

My female ginger kitten that I have found and adopt (photo 1)
My female ginger kitten that I have found and adopt (photo 1) | Source
My female ginger kitten that I have found and adopt (photo 2)
My female ginger kitten that I have found and adopt (photo 2) | Source

I raise four of my ginger cats not at the same time, I got them one by one and two of them, I only found it near my house, as homeless little kittens. I love animals and I cannot bear to let them be homeless and neglected. So, as long as I could take care of them, I would love to raise them. Two of my ginger cats died because of sickness, including the female ginger cat. All the ginger cats I found actually are feral cats. They always love to play outside and I cannot hold them in the house because they like to explore anything outside my house. My female ginger cat had given birth to three little kittens and all of them was male ginger cats. They are cute and adorable, have white, bright colors at birth, but a week later the colors changed to orange and yellow, common colors that ginger cats have. The two of them died after one day they were born, and I raise the only one left. He’s getting bigger and mating with a female calico cat I have. Then, my female calico cat gave birth to two little kittens, one is a female calico kitten and another one is a male ginger kitten. The last ginger cat I have.

Timmy, the third male ginger cats I ever have.
Timmy, the third male ginger cats I ever have. | Source
Cicil, the last male ginger cat I have.
Cicil, the last male ginger cat I have. | Source
Cicil, a male ginger cat.
Cicil, a male ginger cat. | Source

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Do you have a female ginger cat?

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Ginger cats are cats based on their fur colors. You can find ginger cats in almost all kinds of cat breeds such as American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Persian, Exotic Shorthair and domestic cats that easy to be found everywhere. Many facts show that ginger cat's is more likely male rather than female. Most ginger cats are male rather than female. Female ginger cats are not rare, but female ginger cats are less common than male ginger cat. So, if you found female ginger cats, you are definitely lucky because female ginger cat’s percentage is rather smaller than male ginger cats or any other cat types. Female ginger cat, just like other female cats, they are fertile and can be bred.

There’s a theory that explained why female ginger cats are less common than male ginger cats. So, the ginger gene from a ginger cat that produces orange color of its fur is on the X chromosome. Female cats have two X chromosomes (XX), so in order to get a female ginger cat; they need to carry two copies of ginger cat’s genes in each X chromosome. Compare to male cats that only had one chromosome (XY). It’s likelier to get the male ginger cat in terms of breeding, because they only need to carry one copy of chromosome so that their fur can become ginger. So, this explained why female ginger cats are less common than male ginger cats. If both father and mother of kittens have ginger color, there’s no doubts that the kitten’s fur will be ginger (have orange color) either females or male kittens.

How to Get Female Ginger Cat

To get female ginger cat, it is possible mating a male ginger cat with a female ginger cat as a result from selective breeding since both cats have ginger colors, so the chance to get a female ginger cat is bigger than mating a ginger cat with other cats that don't have ginger colors eventhough they carry ginger gene. The easiest way if you really want to get a female ginger cat is by asking to some pet shops, pets center or pet for adoptions if they have a female ginger cat.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Are Female Ginger Cats Rare? I think so I don't see much around in this color well pointed out. Informative, useful and so well presented.

    • CraftytotheCore profile image

      CraftytotheCore 4 years ago

      I love orange tabby cats. I had one named Rusty. He was a stray that wandered over to my condo when I lived in the city. One night after coming home from work, I found him screaming outside of my back patio door. I took him to an emergency vet. The neighbors had been feeding him cheese. He had 50 bladder stones! I kept him as an indoor pet for over 10 years afterward. He was the most loving cat ever!

    • ryanjhoe profile image

      ryanjhoe 4 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      Thank you for your compliment and stopping by to reading my hub. I'm also glad that my hub can be useful for you as it giving insight about ginger cats.

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 4 years ago

      Beautiful hub with incredible pictures of your lovely cats. Thank you for writing. I love cats however I was told that ginger cats are only male. So glad you corrected that belief. Up, interesting, beautiful and useful.

    • ryanjhoe profile image

      ryanjhoe 4 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      Joe, Aloha! Thank you for stopping by buddy. Yes, I love cats and I'm really lucky can raise four cute and adorable ginger cats, they love to entertain me also. Hope you have a nice day there! :)

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 4 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Ryan, this is a lovely and informative hub. Your cats were/are beautiful! I believe these feral and homeless cats gravitate towards your home because they intuitively sense your love for cats. Thank you for sharing, my friend! Aloha!


    • ryanjhoe profile image

      ryanjhoe 4 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      @always exploring Thank you and yes, I'm lucky I can take care of my ginger cats and I understand people who allergic towards cat's fur, you gave me ideas to write more topic related to cats and other pets. Thank you for stopping by and reading my hub. I really appreciate it :)

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is interesting. I love cats but i'm allergic so i admire anyone who takes good care of animals. The ginger cats are beautiful...