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Beds For Big Dogs - Dog Beds For Larger Dogs.

Updated on January 28, 2011

Big Dog? Big Bed!

Big dogs and extra large dogs need more thought and planning when you're going to purchase them a dog bed. Although larger dog breeds are just as lovable as their smaller canine counterparts, they require a bigger sleeping spot than smaller dogs. It's apparent that a large dog needs a large dog bed, and that an extra large dog needs an extra large dog bed. There's no question about it. But just how big? And what type of bed is best?

In this illustration the response is not only the actual size but the breed of dog. It's essential that you measure your dog when he's a fully grown adult, or at minimum have an true idea of what his size is going to be when he is fully grown. The same as with smaller dog breeds, you have to take into account how your dog sleeps...For instance, whether they sleep rolled up in a ball or spread out across the entire bed. These factors will help specify your pick of the Dog Beds For Large Dogs.


Location is more of a problem with larger dog breeds than the smaller dog breeds. Disregard less how sweet and loveable your big dog is, very few folks will want to share a bed with a Great Dane. And the sizing of your dog unquestionably restricts the places accessible to him for sleeping. You can't cram a Great Dane well into a little bathroom and expect him to stay there overnight.

Larger dogs are inclined to have a stronger defensive inherent aptitude, and so it's rather frequently the case that they like to sleep near the front or back entrances. If your front room or den happens to be the closest space to an entrance door, a big bed that blends in well with your furniture can serve a dual purpose.

Firstly...Large dog beds and extra large dog beds that mimic actual furniture will keep your oversize dog off of the real furniture without making him feel like they're not a part of the family.

And secondly...Furniture type beds are really a lot comfier than a commoner round dog bed. They have pillows to put their heads and paws on and they're treated with flea and tick resistant powders to keep your dog from being bitten by those bothersome pests while he sleeping. In addition, they're sometimes filled with memory foam and gel products that fit the muscular structure of your dog, which aids in keeping him comfortable.

To help you in choosing which bed to get read my article...

6 Tips For Choosing a Large Dog Bed!


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    • best-review profile image

      Ashwin Kumar K V 4 years ago from India, Bangalore

      That's a great article focusing on big dogs and I really enjoyed reading it. You're right, big dogs need special treatment, and normal sized beds just won't do for them. I've also written an article on the topic, not large dog beds per se, but about the different types of dog beds and one of them is about memory foam dog beds for large dogs. You might want to check it out!