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Extra Large Dog Beds - What's The Right Dog Bed for Your Dog?

Updated on January 28, 2011

Finding a Extra Large Dog Bed...

Choosing the best bed for your canine pal is really important. This is since a bed is where your pal calls his home. Your dog will be using his bed a great deal of time sleeping, relaxing and lying in his bed, so, it's imperative that the bed will fit them and make them more comfortable.

A lot of owners already acknowledge which type of dog bed they're searching for, while other people are uncertain where to start. It might look as easy as going to a local pet store and choosing a dog bed, but there are as a matter of fact a big variety to choose from, and with this comes the different factors that need to be looked at before making your final decision.

There's a big variety of dog breeds in size from small to extra large. Among the most significant factors when Choosing a Dog Bed is the size of your canine pal. Although you can assume that a small dog requires a small bed and a big dog requires a big bed, this Is not all of the time the case. Remember that if you're looking at the same bed in 2 different sizing's, it's possible that the bigger bed will cost more than the smaller bed, plainly since it has more materials in it.


Smaller dogs quite frequently want to feel warm and snuggly, while larger dogs like to stretch out. Keeping this in mind smaller dogs frequently feel at ease in a bed with sides that they can cuddle up to at nighttime. Then again, large dog breeds would be uneasy in a bed with sides and will be comfier on a flat feather pillow bed.

Orthopedically dog beds are as well obtainable. These types of beds allow for additional comfort for older dogs or those with joint troubles, such as hip problems, back problems, knee troubles, or those who are simply just old and are having difficulty getting around. Just about all orthopedic beds are made from similar materials as beds made for humans, with high-density foam that allows for added support on the joints and makes it a lot easier for the large dog to go from sitting to standing up.

Shorter haired breed of dogs may get cold faster and would be more suited to a dog bed constructed of warmer fabric that will keep them warm all year round. Dog beds constructed of fleece, suede, or even couch like upholstery cloth would be perfect.

A machine washable easily removed cover is a good idea and one that should be looked into, particularly if your dog sheds a lot, or if he gets dirty real fast. It could also be advantageous to buy a bed cover that can be machine washed without fading or shrinking. Here's 6 Tips For Choosing a Large Dog Bed!


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    • profile image

      Jovana 3 years ago

      I'd say go around to local pet shops and give them some buisens cards and offer to pass around some of theirs to do a cross-marketing promotion. It's always best if you can get a website and then google ads are amazing. If your trying to keep a low budget then hook up with the local pet shops, and pet taxi's.

    • profile image

      Rezqia 3 years ago

      Dog Parks are also a great place to go. Grandview Park in SeaTac/Kent is a great dogpark in the South Sound area. They also have a builetln board for such advertisements. If you don't mind going up to Seattle Magnuson Park is one of the best dog parks in the country. I'm sure there are South Sound people that go there. Otherwise, I would suggest pet stores such as Mud Bay, humane society shelters (sometimes people just go there to pet the dogs, some buy and when they do your advertisement will be the first one they see), and also vets in the area.