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Automatic, Stainless Steel, Ceramic Feeders & Water Dispensers for your dog, cat or bird

Updated on March 31, 2014

One less chore with automatic pet feeders and water dispensers

These days, it seems so many families are constantly on the go, to the point where even feeding the family pet can be forgotten on hectic mornings…Or you have the problem of leaving enough food out for your pet if you’re going to be gone for an extended amount of time. This usually applies to cats, but when we had to leave our dog, Beffy, for any length of time, we had this problem. She had a doggie door, so she could go in and out to our fenced in backyard whenever she needed, so we were able to let her stay alone in our home without any worries.

The main problem, though, was making sure she didn’t run out of food or water. We would leave out plenty of food, and several bowls of water, but invariably, we’d returned home to bowls that had been tipped over.

One less chore!

That’s why I like the pet food and water dispensers for pets which are so readily available in stores, or online. They come in so many different styles and price ranges that it’s easy to find the perfect one to fit your needs—from simple feeders that continually keep bowls filled, to those with programmable timers that dispense food in precise amounts at regular intervals, up to several days at a time.

Pet feeders and water dispensers come in small sizes for cats, smaller dogs, and other little animals, to large sizes that can hold at least 25 pounds of food! Petmate, Bergan, PetSafe, CSF, Ergo, and Van Ness are just a few of the companies that sell these products.

If you're in the market for a ceramic bird feeder, here are some options.

 You can also find ceramic bird feeders--in different sizes for your different birds!  Ceramic will hold up so nicely against the outside elements.

Travel size or handheld feeders and water dispensers, too!

But even if you take your pet with you, you can buy travel size dispensers that are handheld.


I think these would be perfect when taking your dog on long walks, after all, you get thirsty during those walks, so you know your dog does, too, and this would be a mess-free way of giving them water!

Beffy's Pet Shop--A Series of Pet Product and Information Hubs

Several of the hubs I write will be based on experiences that we had with our dog, Beffy--hence the name on the title! I love animals, and I enjoy learning about anything to do with making their life a happier and healthier one, or in the case of some articles, just a cuter one!

In Memory of Beffy...



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