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Best Dog Swimming Pools

Updated on March 17, 2012

Most dogs like a little splash-splash during the summer. Even those who hate spending quality time in the bathtub will probably enjoy having their own personal swimming pool in the backyard. This is especially true if you have a particularly furry breed -- summer can be pretty annoying when you're walking around with a fur coat.

The main thing you want to consider when buying a doggie pool is durability. You don't want one of those frou-frou baby pool that are going to pop the second Fido's claws come in contact with it. No, you want one of those old-fashioned baby pools the neighbors had when you were a kid. The size needn't be massive, but your dog ought to be able to lay down comfortably.

Note: If you're going to take Fido over to the neighbor's pool, or perhaps out to the lake, please be sure he has a petsaver life jacket.

Guardian Gear Dog Pool

This durable PVC doggie pool is large enough for any breed to at least lay down in. Most should even be able to roll around in it. And if you have more than one dog, this pool is big enough to host a small party. It's also easily transportable for those of you who like to travel with your pup. Pool measures 12 x 47 inches.

Intex's Sunfish Snapset Pool

These are perfectly good, too. You can even float a dog frisbee in one of these. The only foreseeable problem here are the overly-flexible sides. You remember how the bratty kid next door used to lean on the edge of the pool and laugh as the water went rushing out, right? Well, if Fido discovers that he, too, has the power of Moses, he might just start doing the same thing -- for the fun of it. And you thought dogs didn't have a sense of humor.

Kiddie Baby Pool

A little bit smaller than the second model, this pool measures 6 feet wide by 15 inches high. Big enough for several small dogs to play in, or a pair of medium dogs to relax in. There may even be enough room for you to swim around at the same time, as well! Exterior has a cute fish motif which means your cat may be interested in it as well!

Toddler Snapset Wading Pool

And this little pool is the baby bear model of the bunch. Basically the same as the 2nd and 3rd models, this one is just a bit tinier in size. Perfect for those teeny dogs who may not enjoy playing in the bigger pools.


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