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The Best Pet Bed-Heated Dog Bed-Orthopedic Dog Bed-Large Dog Bed

Updated on April 8, 2011

Dog Beds

If you are thinking of buying a dog bed then you have come to the right place.

Buying a dog bed is more complex than simply dropping into the local pet store and buying the cheapest dog bed or searching the Internet for dog bed clearance sales.

Here in this article we will review large dog beds through too small dog beds in general and take a look in detail at the more expensive and specialised dog beds such as heated dog beds, cooling dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, designer dog beds, waterproof dog beds, chew proof dog beds and washable dog beds.

There are a number of things you need to consider when choosing a dog bed and here are just a few of them:

  • dog bed size
  • dog bed material
  • cost of dog bed
  • water resistant dog bed
  • chewable dog bed
  • allergy control dog bed
  • flea proof dog bed
  • smell retention of dog bed material

As you can see choosing the right dog bed for your dog takes some thought, we will now take a look at dog beds in more detail.

Basic Dog Bed

Be honest, how many times have you bought a cheap dog bed only to have your dog chew it into a thousand bits.

Have you ever stopped to think what's in the bed, more importantly what is your dog putting in his mouth and swallowing. The old saying " you get what you pay for " comes into play here.

You may have paid upwards of $500 dollars for your puppy or picked the cute one from the pound, it doesn't matter how you got him he still deserves the best dog bed you can afford. 

Below is a selection of basic dog beds, anything that is obviously cheap and nasty is not in this review. These dog beds all offer value for money, build quality and will become a firm favourite sleeping place for your dog.

Buy a Dog Bed

Chew Proof Dog Bed

Chew proof dog beds have been around for a while in the form of plastic dog baskets, they really should be described as chew resistant dog beds as a dog that is determined to chew will eventually brake the plastic and probably chew the pieces.

One of the advantages of using a plastic dog baskets is they are much easier to clean than material dog beds, they also do not hold that doggy smell but remember you will still need too supply a comfortable base in the form of a blanket or pillow of some description.

The new chew proof dog beds on the market have been designed specifically to make it difficult for even the most determined dogs.

Non chew dog beds vary considerably in price ranging from below $20 to in excess of $200. Generally they all offer the following features:

  • non chew
  • easy clean
  • smell control
  • sturdy build
  • choice of sizes

Here is a selection of some of the best on the market.

Quality Non Chew Dog Beds

Waterproof Dog Bed

There are two types of waterproof dog beds.

A dog bed that can be put inside a waterproof cover and a truly waterproof dog bed.

Dogs generally will not wet their bed but accidents do happen especially when your dog is a puppy.

Waterproof dog beds are a must if you are using a bed in conjunction with a dog crate as your dog has very limited options of where he can do his business.

All dog beds vary in price depending on a number of factors and waterproof dog beds are no different, below is a list of common features and a range of waterproof dog beds to buy:

  • waterproof
  • washable
  • odour resistant
  • allergy control
  • replaceable covers


Heated Dog Bed

Heated dog beds might seem a bit extravagant on the surface, they are actually a very useful invention and here is why:

  • great for outdoor kennels
  • use in dog crate
  • used for dogs recovering from operations
  • keep ill dogs warm
  • seriously pamper your dog
  • memory foam
  • orthopedic
  • temperature control

Cooling Dog Beds

Cooling dog beds can be use simply to cool your dog down, ideal if you live in hot climates or for use in the car.

They are also a must if your dog has arthritis or a skin condition.

Here is a selection of reasonably priced cooling dog beds:

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Real dog lovers buy an orthopedic dog bed or at least that's what they say.

I would recommend an orthopedic dog bed if your dog suffers with joint problems, hip dysplasia and muscle stiffness. The reason being; the good ones are true memory foam, they take the pressure of your dogs joints and aid restful sleep.

These memory foam orthopedic dog beds are also ideal for large/heavy breeds. There is nothing worse than seeing one of these dogs scrunched up on a thin blanket.

Be aware of cheap imitations with thin foam and no orthopedic value whatsoever.

See below for a good selection of qaulity orthopedic dog beds:

Designer-Luxury Dog Beds

Here we are at the luxury end of dog beds, these are the creme de la creme of dog beds.

If money is no object and only the best will do; then your dog can be spoilt beyond belief, these dog beds incorporate a lot of the features in lower priced dog beds and then some.

If I am brutally honest, even if I had the money I doubt I would purchase one of these beds because I really don't think either of my dogs would appreciate them. That said I guess if they were bringing over a special canine friend they couldn't help but be impressed.

And let's be honest; who am I too judge, it's your dog that matters.

Buy a Designer Dog Bed

Luxury Dog Bed

Buying a Dog Bed

OK, so there we have it; our journey through dog beds is over. If you have stayed with me to the end thank you, I sincerely hope I have given you enough information on dog beds to make an informed choice.

My dogs sleep on mid range orthopedic beds, they are not ill but very active so I think it's important to preserve their joints.

Whatever the size or breed of your dog make sure you buy the best bed you can afford. High prices do not mean a better bed, cheap and nasty pet beds does mean an uncomfortable and unhappy dog.

If you get a chance why not take a look at my dog bowl review or my advice on dog leads; I have also reviewed dog coats.


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    • Blogurl profile image

      Blogurl 6 years ago from Connecticut

      Great article. There really are lots of choices out there. These not only make the dog feel good, but it is fun for us to make them happy.

    • profile image

      aussie mom 6 years ago

      Happens to all of us dog owners who care, we have to buy a dog bed. Our pets may have taken over the couch, even the bed but even though you enjoy cuddling with your dog you should get a bed — a place where your dog can rest. I’ve found a web site that’s got any amazing selection of designer dog beds,, pet beds, dog beds, mats, outdoor dog beds, and dog crates. At Dogbedworks you’re sure to find the perfect bed for your dog, old or young. They’ll help you find what you need, they are very friendly & helpful. And they have a price guarantee and the best prices on designer brand name beds that I have seen.

    • Aiden Roberts profile image

      Aiden Roberts 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks dog beds do come in a wide variety.

    • profile image

      click clack sofa futon 7 years ago

      If you're looking for the best dog beds available today you certainly have a wide plethora of options. Dog beds today come with orthopedic support, special styles, adjustable tops for winter and summer use, and can even be made to order for special needs dogs.