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Buy a Pet Bicycle Trailer Online - A Bike Trailer for your Dog or Cat

Updated on July 5, 2011
Too small to walk?
Too small to walk?

Even pets can cycle.

 If you need to transport your pet without a car or a just looking for a healthier way to get to the park with you cat or dog, a bicycle trailer is the answer.

Dogs in particular love anything on wheels and they are sure to enjoy the wind in their face on the way to exercising in the park.

These products are especially suited to those who live in built up areas where it is not safe to have your dog off the lead on the way to a bit of green space. It is also a great way for you to do a little exercise, so get on your bike and head out for some fun with your furry friend.

A Typical Pet Bicycle Trailer

Features to look for in a Pet Bicycle Trailer

 Pet Bicycle trailers aren't too complicated. All you are really looking for is a product that is easy to use and keeps your pet safe. Before buying a dog trailer you should check the following:

  • Frame - needs to be strong yet light to ensure the product lasts. A Steel frame is appropriate.
  • Canopy / Walls - Again the material is important, especially with larger dogs who can be particularly enthusiastic in their trailer. Heavy duty polyester, similar to that used for backpacks works well.
  • Access - How does your pet get in and out? Does the trailer offer the option of completely enclosing your cat or dog but also the freedom to have them enjoy the breeze through an open canopy
  • Is it washable? - Ideally the base should be removable and easily washed to keep the trailer clean and fresh.
  • Assembly - Most require assembly and some require tools. Some modern trailers can now be built in less than 10 minutes without the need for any tools.
  • Attachment - Does the trailer come with a universal bike attachment?

Examples of Popular Pet Bicycle Trailers


Track'r Pet Bicycle Trailer

 This is one of the most popular dog trailers. It has a high level of customer satisfaction for its simple design and ease of use.

It ticks all the boxes for access and cleaning and comes with a bike attachment.

It also has separately sold accessories including a stroller conversion kit that turns the pet trailer into a pet stroller.

Quick to assemble, it requires no tools.

An excellent all round product

DoggyRide Original Pet Bicycle Trailer

DoggyRide Original 2009 Dog Bicycle Trailer

Another product that scores well on its features is the DoggyRide Original.

This dog bicycle trailer is suitable for medium to larger dogs and has a low center of gravity to improve stability when carrying larger companions.

The taller dog will enjoy poking its head out the top while the two section front / top opening allows the versatility to suit smaller breeds as well.

This trailer can also be converted to a stroller / jogger with the purchase of an additional kit.

The Croozer Dog Bicycle Trailer

Croozer Dog Bicycle Trailer

 Able to carry dogs up to 100 pounds, this sturdy trailer uses an aluminium frame to provide the strength required.

It has a plastic floor for ease of cleaning and folds down flat for ease of transport.

For safety it has an internal eyelet to attach your dogs lead.

A good choice for the larger dog.

Enjoying a Dog Bicycle Trailer


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