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Buying Sea Monkeys as Aqua Pets | Educational Learning Toys where the Ocean Comes Alive with Seamonkeys

Updated on January 12, 2010

Sea monkeys are intriguing creatures. I first came across them when I was reading a blog post about the magic that happens when you add sachets of dry stuff to water and I was intrigued. So what are sea monkeys?

Sea monkeys are also known as brine shrimp. Their eggs are metabolically inactive and can remain in total stasis for several years while in dry conditions. Once placed in salt water, they hatch within a matter of hours, rendering the water full of life. Sea monkeys can grow up to 1cm long and live for up to one year.

Due to the very nature of their life cycle, they make the perfect fuss free aquarium pets. They are also great to educate young children about the cycles of life with a remarkable visual experience in a matter of a few hours. Their weird looking shapes and the interesting way which they propel themselves through water makes for hours of fascinating observation.

What are they good for?

Other than being good as aquarium food, sea monkeys are good for

  • Charm the children with a magical display of life
  • As fuss free pets
  • As a gag gift for friends
  • Place it at the workplace, makes for a more interesting view than a plant.
  • Be fascinated by the tiny creatures! Some kits even come with a magnifying glass to view them better!


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