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Buying an Ant Farm | Unique Educational Toys

Updated on January 11, 2010

An ant farm is an unusual and self contained gift that is as fascinating as it is educational. The ant farm, or ant habitat is perfect for those bored with traditional domestic pets. Not only are they fuss free, quiet and almost maintenance free, they offer a chance to explore the behavior of ants.

You can place the ant farm on your work desk, mantle piece, or bedside cabinet day or night. Most sets also come with a magnifying glass and ant catching tool. This means that you can catch your own ants to place into the habitat!

Why should I get one?

Ant farms have departed from the usual sand box, but have become stunning display units that is an interesting addition to any living space.

  • Some ant farms have illuminated gel that transforms the ant farm into a dynamic display of life in any space that you choose to place it
  • Makes for a great addition on the work desk. Get inspired by the hardworking little creatures!
  • Catch your own ants! It is estimated that there are more ants than people.
  • Makes for a great educational gift for kids to learn about ants.
  • Makes a great gag gift too for friends.


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