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Cat Care: Finding that Perfect Cat Condominium for Climbing and Escape

Updated on January 24, 2016

Lots of Cat Related Stuff to Purchase


Cats Love to Scratch, Climb and Hide

That is the purpose of a cat condo I believe. I am inspired to start building them, but I really do not have the time nor the inclination at the present moment. I do however, someday, intend to have a cat.

I haven't had a cat for 28 years. The last cat I had, I ended up gifting to my in-laws They love cats and spend enormous amounts of money on cat gadgets. More power to them.

Cats Needs are Basic

Food, water, a bed and perhaps a litter box that is located where they can find it, but is not out in plain sight.

Amazon Has Nice Condos

Wow!!! I just looked on Amazon's pages for cat condo's. Some of those cat condos actually create a huge feeling of excitement. They are so big and so functional. I wonder how much time a cat will spend in one if they have one.

eBay Too

When I looked on eBay they had over 15,000 listings for cat condos. That is a huge selection.

How About You

Are you a cat lover who believes in making your cat feel comfortable?

See results

Building a Cat Condo

If I Were a Cat

If I were a cat, I would be attracted to a zippered bed that my owner had placed a cheese cloth catnip filled cushion inside.

Wouldn't that be awesome. I could lay there and if I managed to fall asleep, I could dream wild catnip inspired dreams. Instead of my usual meow, I'd yowl some 60's druggie meow, some sort of meow drawl.

Like Mee - wowww!

Can you picture it? I can, although I am entirely non-catnip oriented. Never had it.

For What it is Worth

Cat mint grows wild in my yard. It has a scalloped, almost triangular shaped green leaf and when you rub it, you smell a strong mint smell.

My mother used to pick a bunch and she'd make mint tea from it. I don't recall if our cat at that time would get super friendly with her at that point, lurking and sniffing at her mouth.

Isn't that a picture to think about?

I Love Cats

Cats are so soft and pretty.

Most cats make friends with me. I put my hand down and let them come and sniff it.

That's the deal, too. The cat is in charge of the relationship.

I realize that cat/person relationships is a whole new topic, but you really should have a good relationship with your pet so that you can match the condo that fits your pet to a tee.

How Many Cats Can I Remember Having?

Well. My second grade teacher gave me a kitten for my birthday back in 1969. It was a beautiful black and white striped cat. She had named it Buster, but we ended up calling it Tiger. I suppose it is because I never told my mother it had a name already and of course, the cat never corrected her.

On the other hand, nobody dared correct my mother. [smile]

I had another cat in high school. It was a white cat with gray spots. We called it Tipper because it was a klutz and spilled its milk on the floor 9 times out of 10. That cat wasn't overly friendly to me since when I got it, I had to go to a YCC Camp and was gone during the cats growing up weeks. Yeah. Tipper was mom's cat.

Then, later, when I lived on my own, I did get my own cat. Goofy. She was a small, black cat with a white spot on her throat. You probably have seen the Tidy Cat cat litter cartoon cat. That cat looked like Goofy. Goofy had long, black puffy hair and was extremely soft. Goofy had a tendency to have an attitude about the length of time it required being petting and would bite your hand if you stopped too soon.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very helpful.


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