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How to Stop Your Cats From Scratching Your Furniture For Good

Updated on April 15, 2012

The #1 Furniture Scratcher

How to Stop Your Cats From Scratching Your Furniture For Good

How do you get your cats to stop scratching your furniture? As I look at my cat tearing my old couch to shreds, the thought passes through my mind, why do they scratch and more importantly why do they use my couch? I have bought numerous scratching posts of all kinds and my kittys do like to use them all. But they seem to take special delight in tearing my furniture to pieces. So I ask myself again, How do I get my cats to stop scratching my furniture?

Cats use scratching to mark their scent, this is something I never knew, and also a much better alternative than leaving a spot urine. I always thought my cats did these deeds just to perturb me. Countless times I would be just around the corner, when I would hear one of my cats scratching, as soon as I would take a peak, they would peel off. Then over time I noticed if I was in the room, they would use their scratching posts, but when I was in another room, or they didn't see me, they used the preferred choice, my poor couch.

Of course cats also scratch to sharpen their claws and maybe just because it feels good. They look extremely happy when ever they stretch out and dig their claws in, like a really good yawn.

Applying Transparent Adhesive Strips

"I Love This Chair"

The Best Prevention

I tried using catnip on all of their scratching posts, and that did make them happier for the moment. But sure enough, they would find their way to my couch, it was as if they were saving it for dessert. I also tried keeping a spray bottle with water handy, and this did work to chase them away when I caught them in the act. But again, when I was not around, they seemed to know they had the complete menu of choice at their disposal.

My dilemma was I was now going to purchase some new furniture, and I wanted some way of protecting my new stuff without harming my precious little cats. I had heard about de-clawing and even knew someone who had done this to their cat, but I did not see this as an option. So after looking around various pet stores and asking lots of questions, I finally found the product that works for me.

If you are looking for a way to keep your cats from scratching your furniture, try using two-sided Transparent Adhesive Strips, also available by the roll. I tried this first on my old furniture. It was easy as 1-2-3 to apply and I saw immediate results. I had to apply the strips to all of the corner areas of any couches or other furniture covered with fabric. My cats just seem to know the tape is there. I never see them go near my furniture any more. And best of all is my cats can still be themselves, claws in tack. The tape is completely unnoticeable once applied correctly and needless to say, I have my new sofa in place, with no frayed corners.

Cats are the best! An now you can enjoy the best furniture at the same time! You can purchase the transparent adhesive strips just about anywhere pet supplies are sold. Next time you visit your pet supply store, be sure to ask for these strips. Both you and you precious kittys will be glad you did.


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  • nines profile image

    Precious Sanders 4 years ago from Kansas

    I'll have to give this a try. My cat loves scratching the couch... and sometimes she does it when she wants to play, just because she knows it will get my attention! Any suggestions on where to go to buy some?

  • carcro profile image

    Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

    Thanks for commenting Liza Ann. The strips have really saved our furniture, and are barely noticeable. In fact I completely forget they are even there, but it sure keeps the cats away.

  • liza ann profile image

    liza ann 6 years ago from Richmond, VA

    Carcro: We too have been doomed to never having nice furniture because our cats destroy it all. I'll certainly give the transparent tape a try.

  • carcro profile image

    Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

    Thanks Derdriu for commenting and the Vote! Its great when we all win!

  • profile image

    Derdriu 6 years ago

    Carcro: What an amusing tale with such a happy feline and human ending!

    Thank you, voted up, etc.,


  • carcro profile image

    Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

    Hi Stephanie, thanks for reading and commenting on my hub! It is advisable to replace the strips every so often, this would depend on your own preferences. The strips come off easily, the nice part is they are really hard to notice. In fact we would laugh at our son who would snag his leg on the tape every now and then. The great part is these strips have helped immensely in our home. Again, thanks for the nice comments!

  • Stephanie Henkel profile image

    Stephanie Henkel 6 years ago from USA

    As a fellow cat lover, I can identify with your dilemma completely! I had a cat once who did exactly what you describe. He just knew when I left the room and would scratch on the back of his favorite chair instead of the scratching post! My only question about using the double sided transparent tape is, doesn't it collect bits of cat hair and dust and look yucky after a while? Or does it peel off easily so that you can replace it? I enjoyed your hub and your easy writing style--and, of course, your cat tales!