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Cat Climbers for Passionate Climber Cats

Updated on January 16, 2015

Cat Climbers

Cats are known to be very energetic animals which need to be active. Scratching and climbing up the things are interesting things to do for them and while doing this they feel like having fun.

Climbing up the things is in their instinct and they can’t control it and thus being a biological necessity. It is good thing that instead of pushing your cat for scratching your precious furniture you can turn it to other alternatives like cat climbers and you can even teach them how to use such climbers.

As I mentioned above climbing is the nature of the cat. They like to have fun while climbing up the trees in order to mark their territory. So we all know who are the owners of the cats that climbing for a cat is just as important as any other thing to do.

Mostly people have cats in their homes and they don’t like to move their pets to outdoor because of germs so they must try to simulate the facilities like cat climbers.

With the help of cat climbers cats can easily fulfill their instinctive desire on them and your furniture will also remain safe from their scratching.

There are different kinds of cats climbers available in the market to satisfy your cat’s needs; for example gyms, cat trees etc. These are specially designed considering the natural instinct of the cat of climbing and also scratching.

You can even observe that when you leave your cat outdoors it just loves to climb up the trees and if you fulfill its need in home with cat climbers then it will really enjoy it.

So now you can understand that cat climbers are must if there are cats in your home because these climbers are very friendly to your cats.

Cats Enjoy Playing With Cat Climbing Tree

Cat climbing tree is the most specific type of kitty furniture that most kitty owners go for it these days. It is specially designed for fulfilling the basic desire of the cat which is scratching and climbing.

You cannot leave your cat outside because of expected germs and flea which are harmful for you. So, you have to create some alternative for her and cat climbing tree can easily fulfill the requirement.

These are deigned in such a way that there are basically small sleeping trays, perches, or platforms placed on the top of the posts at different heights and all are linked into pieces of furniture to meet the basic concept with the branches of tree.

For finishing the product, the carpet or similar material is used to cover multi-level cat accessory. We can say very conveniently that the cat climbing tree not only serves the purpose of entertaining your cat in more than one ways but also it helps to develop the healthy activity for her.

Cat really loves to climb and if you do not provide her the alternatives of climbing then it would harm your furniture with her sharp nails. So, cat climbing tree is also good for the safety of the furniture and it gives the indoor cats the opportunity to do what comes natural to them.

Sisal material is used to cover the branches or main trunk of the posts of this artificial tree to make believe to cat that it is an original tree. Sisal is very good material to create the sturdy surface for excellent scratching.

If you really want a cat climbing tree then for purchasing it, instead of going all the way to the pet store you can easily sit in front of your computer and do online shopping for it.

How To Build a Six Foot Cat Tree

Cat Can Climb or Scratch on Cat scratching Tree

Many people who have pets really love their animals, but sometimes they become frustrated because of annoying habits of their animals. For instance, the cat owners find themselves annoyed because of the scratching habit of the cat and it just try to damage all the furniture pieces and other things.

Sometimes it really happens that owners come home at night after a long day of work and find their pillow scratched by the cat or may be the leather sofa just split up with the scratches.

At that time the owners may think about the cats and just become angry on them. But it is not the solution because cat cannot change its nature and you cannot let her learn to change its instinctive nature.

So just think for other solutions like provide any cat scratching tree to it and also help it learning to use it.

With the provision of the cat scratching tree you are just offering the cat something which is acceptable for scratching. If kitty would want to scratch then it would go on the cat scratching tree and just scratch it for as long as it wants.

With this thing you will also feel relaxed that your furniture pieces and other important papers are saved from the scratches of your pet and also you can enjoy watching you kitty playing on the scratching tree. Your cat will also definitely love to scratch it and will not move toward your furniture.

Now you must be thinking that how would you know that which type of cat scratching tree will be good for your cat. So, it is fairly simply to find the one. Fist you have to consider the proper size of the tree that will suit best to your home space.

Obviously you will have to select the longer one for the bigger cat and shorter one for the smaller cat. The material which is used in the cat scratching tree must be tough but allow scratching and leaving marks.

Cat Containment Containers Keep Your Cats Indoor

Your cat may be just like a tom cat that is rangy and likes to hunt. It would get friendly with other cats, cuddles, eat, sleep and like to do whatever it wants.

But if you want to keep your tom cat inside your home then it would feel more difficult for you. But it is not that much difficult, you can easily keep your cat at home and also keep other wander cats away from your home with the help of cat containment containers.

The climbing and scratching are instructive nature of the cat. If you have fences around your home then even cats that have the nature of climbing on the fences can easily climb up and can go out.

A cat has the ability to being the supreme jumper-runner and climber. You can install the cat containment containers in your back yard or garden with the fences.

On the fences cat can easily scratch the nails and even easily climb up. While selecting the fences you must have to consider the strength and firmness of the wires.

If the wires are not firm or so loose then your cat may become bore soon and will not enjoy scratching on them. So there should be firmed and tight wires of the fences of the cat containment containers so your cat can enjoy playing in for longer period of time.

As it is in the nature of the cat that it wants to play and enjoy outdoors. If there is safe outdoors having cat containment containers which are filled with the rush of activities flowing to him and activating the sensory tissues will definitely make your cat happy.

With the help of the cat containment containers you can also reduce your own depression, also the cat scratching boredom, and even you can feel yourself free of the duty regarding cleaning up the indoor urinating.

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    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 2 years ago from Canada

      Nice article on cat trees. You have reminded me that I need to buy another cat tree for my cats. (We have three.) We moved, and left the old one behind.