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Cat scratcher buying guide: Reviews of top selling cat scratchers online

Updated on August 12, 2012
Cat's love to lounge and a scratcher lounge is every cat's ultimate fantasy!
Cat's love to lounge and a scratcher lounge is every cat's ultimate fantasy! | Source

This post reviews some of the top selling cat scratchers online: PetFusion Cat Scratcher Longue – Deluxe, and SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post and Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy. Read on for much more than a glossy review because this post lays bare the pros and cons of each product while keeping specific requirements of space, utility and budget in mind. It is followed by some generic advantages of buying a cat scratcher.

What is a cat scratcher?

A cat scratcher is usually a bed, post or a pad covered in a fabric or any material with a corrugated texture. Cats have a natural tendency to scratch their claws against any surface which is easily accessible. Felines scratch insatiably to mark their territories, keep their nails clean, exercise, socialize with other cats and most importantly, have fun. Cat scratchers are available in various shapes and sizes including horizontal fiberboards, inclined sisal posts, cat tree scratch posts and lounge scratch beds amongst others.

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge - Deluxe

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge - Deluxe
PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge - Deluxe | Source

PetFusion cat scratcher lounge is a curved lounge with corrugated texture which serves as a cat scratcher. The dense and durable surface of the lounge is made from recyclable cardboard.

The product is available in two colors – Walnut Brown and Charcoal Gray, to align with different décor. The surface itself is not replaceable but is reversible. So it can simply be turned upside down for a fresh scratching experience.


PetFusion Cat Scratcher Longue offers a lot of space for cats to stretch and scratch to their heart's content. On a lighter note, we could say it is the limo of cat scratchers. It promises to be the perfect gift on your cat's birthday.

Weighing just over 7 pounds and a length of 34 inches, the scratcher longue is big, but not too big. It is perfect for large cats without too much space and can easily be moved around.

The longue surface is big enough to fit two or more cats. For pet owners with more than one cat, this is a cheaper alternative to buying the huge cat trees.

The choice of colors is great for someone who is choosy about interiors. And when the longue appears worn out after years of use, it can simply be turned upside down as it is reversible.

Unlike other cat trees and scratching posts, this requires no assembly whatsoever. It just needs to be unpacked and placed somewhere in the house.


Buyers should not confuse this with a compact toy because with its size, it will occupy slightly more space than the other products in this post. Even then, it is a great space saver as compared to the jumbo scratchers.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post | Source

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is a 32 inch vertical post made of durable woven sisal fiber. The post is supported with a flat base to ensure that it doesn’t tip over. The post also has a flat perch on top, allowing kitties to scratch away from the bottom and the top.

Before buying the scratching post it may be worth noting that it is available only in one color. But with a neutral beige tone that is easy on the eyes, it promises to go well with almost all types of décor. This product is well suited for most ages and needs to be assembled with two screws.


The compact post itself is vertical so it will not occupy much ground space. It will fit into most corners of a house or an apartment leaving little worrying about taking up a lot of space.

Cats are likely to stretch out while scratching on the SmartCat Ultimate Scratch Post. This is an awesome thing to give indoor cats some much needed exercise to tone up their kitty muscles.

Although the scratching surface itself is not replaceable, SmartCat promises that the durable material will last for years together.

Science may or may not have figured out why cats love a perch, but they just do. On a more serious note, this post features a perch which kitties are likely to clamber upon. This could be a fantastic alternative to expensive cat trees.

Neutral tone allows it to be used with most decors.


The vertical post will likely result in a lot of jumping around which may not be the best thing for household with expensive items lying around, just waiting to be pounced upon and broken.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy | Source

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy is a cat scratcher with a fun twist for any restless little feline. It is a circular scratch pad with a track on its circumference. A ball can be placed in the track which could potentially mean hour after hour of uninterrupted fun for kitties.

The pad itself is replaceable and at just under $6, it is cheap to replace. The product comes with catnip and the ball which will possibly see a lot of paw action once placed in the circular track. The scratcher itself measures 16 inches in diameter.


At 16 inches in diameter, this should not be confused with a lounge. This is a compact little toy which will snugly fit into any corner of even the smallest of apartments.

It is a cheap alternative to expensive scratch pads and posts. At just less than $20, it is one of the cheaper toys around.

For its size, the scratcher is convenient to be carried around while travelling. For pet owners on the go, this is a compact and light weight toy to take along.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy is a fusion between a toy and a scratch pad. The ball will likely keep cats entertained for a long time while the pad will distract kitties from clawing through other expensive items in a house or an apartment.

Because the pad itself is easy and cheap to replace, this scratch pad promises to be a loyal companion for kitties. It could potentially be the toy that a cat grows up with and enjoys even as an adult.


With its compact size, it is smaller than other scratchers. It will not accommodate a fully grown feline but will sufficiently service the recreational needs of a clawing kitty.

Advantages of buying a cat scratcher

1) Save thousands of dollars on torn upholstery and scratched furniture

Rescuing furniture from scratch marks is one of the most common reasons why cat owners buy cat scratchers. Once a cat gets used to plunging its claws against the rough surface of a scratching post or a bed, the rest of the house can remain free of scratch marks. Apparently, a cat scratcher is a cheap investment to safeguard against potentially thousands of dollars worth of torn sofas or scratched furniture.

2) Training cats to scratch

Getting a scratch pad is a great way of training pet cats. Initially felines may be completely disinterested in any scratch pad brought for them. When cats are spotted scratching furniture or other household curtains, they can be placed on scratching pads or be moved towards the newly purchased scratch post. Over time, a cat should be trained and may even develop a linking for its new hang out place.

3) Avoid permanent declawing

Buying a cat scratcher is one way to avoid a permanent declawing procedure for kitties. Instead of punishing cats for clawing their way through the house, a cat scratcher is a cheaper and a potentially more natural alternative to getting a permanent declawing procedure done from the vet.

4) Cats can stay fit

It is no secret, cats love to lounge. Indoor cats can become overweight and obese very quickly only because they have no real trees to climb, no slippery mice to kill or no dingy alleys to scamper. A scratching post or a lounge will give kitties one more option to move around and have a bit of fun.

5) Cats can have fun indoors

Cat scratchers are great not only to fulfill a primal feline need of scratching but also for jumping, scampering, tossing, twisting and playing. Cat scratchers may have a built in ball game which can keep a cat engaged for hours together.

6) Cat scratcher make for uber cute cat moments

Without a doubt, cat scratchers double up as entertainment for pet owners too. They make for uber cute moments and it is simply heartwarming to see a kitty rubbing its tender paws against a scratcher. There fun moments promise to be adorable picture opportunities and memories for life.


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