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Catnip Toys for Your Cat

Updated on June 11, 2013

Many cats really love catnip. These cats become very playful under the influence of the herb. They begin to run around the room, chasing their tails or after objects their owners throw for them. Cats also like to toss items filled with catnip into the air or bat it around the room. Still other cats will rub their faces on toys or other items that have be treated with catnip spray or rubbed with fresh catnip leaves. Catnip is a very pleasurable experience for up to 70 percent of all cats.

The great thing about this playful mood is that not only do cats enjoy the experience, they also get a lot of exercise. This can be a great way to tire out a younger, rambunctious cat or to get an older cat to move around a bit. Cats that play tend to be cats that keep their weight down and stay healthier. So, given all of this, one of the nicest and most healthful treats you can give your kitty is a catnip toy. They’ll absolutely adore you for it!

Catnip toys come in all shapes and sizes.
Catnip toys come in all shapes and sizes.

Buying a Catnip Toy

If you have a cat, you probably already know that there are a lot of catnip toys available to purchase. There are even catnip mice, balls, or other toys that you can buy very inexpensively at the pet store or your local supermarket. These can make a great cheap treat for your kitty and are a nice surprise for them when you bring them home. One problem with these inexpensive toys is that often they are sewn shut so that you cannot replace the catnip when it gets stale. Thus, after a while your cat may lose interest in the toy. These toys can be rubbed with fresh catnip leaves, either purchased separately or grown at home, or can be treated with catnip spray to extend their life a bit.

Other toys can be purchased that allow you to change out the catnip and keep it fresh and interesting to your cat. There are many playful designs that can be found for catnip toys of this variety. Kong Toys makes a variety of catnip toys, such as the Kickaroo Leopard, which comes with a long tail that cats will love to bat around and throw in the air. Their toys are made with all natural materials so you can feel good about getting them for your cats.

Catnip blankets are another option for your feline. These blankets are usually fitted with a compartment into which you can place fresh catnip as needed. Some catnip blankets also come with attached toys so that your cat can play as he or she lays! The nice thing about catnip blankets is that cats often become sleepy after ingesting catnip, so they make for readymade beds when the sleepies come on.

Some cats really enjoy eating catnip while they play. One ingenious product that combines these two loves is the Pawbreakers Catnip Candy for cats. These ball toys are made of compressed catnip with a food grade binder to keep them together. Thus, your cat can bat and chew the Catnip Candy all at once, keeping him or her happy for a long time.

One final stop on your catnip shopping spree should be the folks at The Catnip Café. This online retailer offers a whole line of catnip toys and other products. The toys sold at this Internet store are all 100 percent hand made. What’s more, the catnip used for the toys is organically grown, making Catnip Café a really eco-friendly place to shop for your favorite kitty.  And of course, you can always buy your cat non-catnip toys they will love.

Making Your Own Catnip Toys

The other option for giving your cat a catnip toy is to make one yourself. This can be a great project for the whole family. The kids will really enjoy making a special present for the household cat.

One simple way to make your own catnip toy is to start by drawing whatever shaped toy you’d like to make on a thick piece of construction paper or grocery bag. Toys can be made in the shape of mice, balls, kittens, hearts, or whatever else you would like. Once you have drawn the shape on the paper, cut it out using a pair of scissors. The shape should be slightly bigger than the desired size of the finished toy to account for space for the seams.

Next, fold a piece of material in half with what will be the outside of the toy folded inwards. Pin the paper shape to the folded material and cut around it. Then, begin to sew shut the cloth pattern using a simple seam stitch all the way around, except for an approximately one inch opening. Turn the material inside out through the opening and stuff the toy with fresh catnip. Finally, sew the opening shut and give to kitty!

Whether homemade or store bought, your cat will love its own brand new catnip toy. It will not only have a great time playing with it, it will get some exercise in the process. Good kitty!


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    • Sehnonimo profile image

      Sehnonimo 7 years ago from San Bruno, CA

      I know! Whenever I give my cats catnip, I like to think of it as "catnip wars".

    • BJBenson profile image

      BJBenson 7 years ago from USA

      I love cats. I love cats on catnip!