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Pet Kennels

Updated on June 13, 2013
When buying pet kennels, you need to make sure it's comfortable for your pet.
When buying pet kennels, you need to make sure it's comfortable for your pet.

None of us like to leave our cat or dog alone, whether we are at work during the day or are going out of town for several days or weeks at a time. We worry that our pets are safe, that they are getting enough to eat, that they are not getting into any trouble in the house, that they are being treated kindly and safely. Our cats and dogs are part of our family, so these kinds of worries are only natural.

But when we do leave a pet on its own, whether in our own home while we are away for work or vacation or at a dog or cat boarding kennel, it should be as safe and happy as it can be. For many pet owners, this may require the purchase of a cat or dog kennel, or crate, that we keep the pet in during the day. Alternatively, we may wish to board our pets at a professional kennel service. In either case, you should know what to look for in a pet kennel to make sure your pet is secure and at ease.

Purchasing a Home Pet Kennel

For some cats and dogs, it is often advisable to keep them in a home pet kennel or crate while you are at work or during such times as house training your puppy. A home pet kennel will keep your pet safe in the home and out of trouble and can act as a calming influence if your pet is suffering from separation anxiety. The confined space calms many animals during periods of stress.

Home pet kennels generally come in either plastic or metal. The plastic kennels can also serve as travel crates if you are taking your dog or cat on an airplane or in the car. These plastic kennels are typically very durable and easy to clean. Metal kennels are often a bit roomier for your pet and allow in more light and circulation of air. Depending on your pet’s personality, this may be a good idea for the cat or dog.

A home kennel should generally be large enough so that your cat or dog can stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Of course, there should be enough room to place a blanket down for your pet to lie on and space for water and food bowls. If you are using a home kennel for house breaking your puppy, you many want to opt for a smaller kennel. If there is enough room for the puppy to lie down on one side of the crate and soil the other, this will make house training more difficult.

Choosing a Boarding Kennel

A home kennel might be a good idea if you are keeping your pet contained while you are at work or of you are traveling for a few days and having someone come in to feed and care for your cat or dog. If you are leaving town for an extended period, however, you may need to board your pet in a professional pet kennel. It is also becoming more common for pets to go to doggy or kitty “day school” while you are at work.

Choosing a good boarding kennel for you dog or cat will be made easier by following a few tips. First of all, ask fellow pet owners and your veterinarian for recommendations of boarding kennels. This can be especially important if your dog or cat has special medical needs. Your vet can recommend places that pay special attention to the needs of your pet. Also, your vet or friends may warn you of certain boarding kennels that have a poor reputation for care of pets. Before you board your pet at a kennel, take a tour of the facility to see first hand what it is like.

You will want to check the kennel for its overall feeling of cleanliness and health. The kennel should be well maintained to prevent spread of diseases. Kennels should require that the pets they board have received all the proper vaccinations, so ask about this issue while on your tour. You will want to have the proper documentation of vaccinations with you when you board your pet.

Also, talk to the staff to get an idea of how knowledgeable they are about pet care. Ask them about exercise, feeding, and medication schedules to help determine if they are on top of these things. Get a feel for how friendly the staff is towards animals and if they are happy at their work. Disgruntled employees will be less likely to want to care for your pet than happy ones.

Our pets really are a part of our families, and we want them to be happy and safe while we are absent. Choosing the right home kennel or boarding kennel is thus a very important decision. Do a bit of research on pet kennels and put your mind at ease. And when you bring your cats home, make sure they are comfy in their own cat condo.


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