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Choosing Parrot Cage Size

Updated on January 8, 2011

Your Parrots Home

You have a parrot as a member of your family and have done so understanding that this bird will be a part of your family for many, many years. One of the most important considerations is the size of the cage your parrot is living in. You may say that it doesn't matter much as the bird isn't in the cage much . . . well, it will be in the cage at some point, and if for some reason it decides it would like to have a moment to itself, the size of the cage is very important. Then, there are those parrots who end up spending every minute of their lives in their cage. This is not the ideal situation for any parrot, but, if it is the case, then cage size is of the utmost importance!

The bar space on your new cage needs to be close enough that the bird cannot get it's head through, yet as wide as possibly for greater visibility.

The material the parrot cage is made out of is also very important. Refrain from buying an old cage that might contain harmful material if ingested. Your parrot will spend a lot of time chewing on the cage if you don't provide enough healthy items for it to work on, and it will also use the bars to clean it's beak between eating. Stainless steel is the very best for longevity and safety of the bird. Wrought iron covered in non-toxic powdered coatings are good choices also.

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Consider Your Parrots Size

When shopping for your new parrots cage, or buying a new cage for your bird, your first consideration is the wing span.  At the bare minimum, your bird must be able to stretch it's wings out fully without touching the sides of the cage, and ideally you should choose a cage much larger than that.  When wings are constantly raking the bars of the cage, they not only will become ragged, which encourages over preening, but, you stand the chance of a broken blood feather, which is at the least a panicky situation when you are around, and possibly deadly if the bird is home alone. 

When we are talking about the smaller birds, such as finches or canaries that do not come outside of the cage area, you will certainly want space enough for some flight.  When at all possible, the challenge of any bird owner is to allow the pet to be a bird, which means it must be allowed the room to exercise it's wing muscles.  It's mental health depends on it knowing it is truly a bird, and healthy wings, in addition to other considerations, are important for this to happen.

Placement In The Home

Where you place your parrot's cage is paramount to your bird's mental health. Your bird still has some of it's natural instincts, and if the cage is placed in front of a window, or in the middle of a room, it will feel the need to constantly be on alert for predators from all sides. You want to give the sense of protection from at least one wall and preferably a corner area. To constantly have to watch your back sure would lead to exhaustion after a time.

I have seen Parrots that have calmed considerably just from placing their cages in a more secure-feeling setting. If you have to place them in a more open setting, you can at least drape a towel or blanket across one side to give a sense of security. Round cages are to be discouraged as they are simply annoying to a bird who will end up neurotically traveling around and around. The corners give reference points that will save on frustration.

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