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Citronella Anti Bark Collar- Effective, Simple Anti Bark Collar.

Updated on May 2, 2011

Citronella Anti Bark Collar For You Dog?

A citronella anti bark collar is by far one of the best, easiest, and most merciful methods to help you train your dog to stop barking. Not merely does a citronella anti bark collar operate better than a shock type collar or a audio type collar but it's also a lot more agreeable to the dog. This device works by emitting a fine mist at your dogs nose when its barks. Dogs really don't like the experience at all. The whooshing sound of the sprayer startles them and they also don't like the smell of the citronella.

For just about all dogs, it only requires a few sprays to figure out how come they're getting sprayed and learn that their barking sends the spray. Once the pet realizes this association, they should stop barking to prevent the objectionable experience. A lot of reports have proven that citronella anti bark collars are two times more effective than a shock collar and the audio collars have a lower success rate. While no one can ensure that something will work for every dog the citronella device will work for just about all of them and a lot of times in situations where all other methods have failed.

There are a some situations that a citronella collar really should not be used...If your dog is barking for a real good reason...scare off a intruder or letting you know there's another animal around. If your dog is having anxiety then a bark control collar will not be the best option. If you believe your dog is barking because of anxiety then you should talk to your vet prior to using any behavior control system.

If your dog has sight issues or other wellness issues it's a real good idea to talk to your veterinarian since there may be a underlying cause for the barking that may be  kept in line by another method. In fact, in older dogs it could make the barking worse since they are confused about what's happening and the spray only compounds their fear.

In general it's a real good idea to talk to your vet prior to beginning  any anti barking system on your insure that the barking isn't made by a  medical reason. The citronella anti bark collar is widely used and recommended by many professionals when there's no medical cause for the dog's uncontrollable barking and is considered safe and effective at bring a end to its barking problem.


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