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Petsafe Collar- Stop Your Dog's Barking With a Petsafe Collar.

Updated on May 2, 2011

Petsafe Collar...The Right Solution!

Stop Your Dog's Barking With a Petsafe Collar...Is your dog barking at unsuitable times or just barking for no reason? Barking is a natural process for a dog and they use it as a means to communicate with other dogs and people. Instructing your dog when barking is good can be advantageous to your dog, you, and any neighbors. You can't stop your dog from barking entirely since there are times when you want them to bark...alerting you of an trespasser or unwanted pests is a good thing..

Prior to purchasing a Petsafe collar or any other training device, watch your dog's behavior, find out what is making your dog bark, and then come up with a plan. Imagine about times where your dog should be permitted to bark. Write them on a list and then start another list of situations when your dog has been barking for no reason. Arrange them in the rank you would like them to be fixed. Remember that not every situation can be solved at one time and you should train for one problem area at a time. This will keep your dog from becoming confused and make the training more effective and fun.

The Petsafe collar employs a sensing element to detect your dog's bark and then gives a correction like a shock or sound that halts the barking. No bark collars that employ audio are usually only affective for a limited time period. If you're going to need to do a lot of training, they're likely not the best alternative for you. AS time passes the dog will become accustomed to the sound and begin barking again. No bark collars... Like the petsafe collar give a shock or trembling sensation are more effective since the sensation can be increased as needed to prevent your dog from getting accustomed to it.

Use the PetSafe normal bark collar for first correcting. This device is intended for educating a dog to know the difference between barking for protection and barking for something to do. It employs the oscillations that happen when your dog barks. It emits a beep prior to the discipline to give your dog a warning. The discipline itself is a lot more of an irritation and won't be harmful to your dog when you use the correct level. It's lightweight and configured for dogs over 8 pounds.

When you buy a no bark collar, pay close attention to your dog's behavior. If they react badly to it, decrease the correction degree. Be sure to read the directions and be sure you know how to employ it correctly. Don't leave the collar on while your dog is left unsupervised. These collars should not be worn with any other collars. Don't connect a leash to them or have it on for more than 8 hours at any one time. The Petsafe collar you buy will come with all the required warnings and information.


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