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Coach Dog Jacket

Updated on September 8, 2012

Coach Dog Clothes

On a general basis, it's not always ideal to dress your dog up because it is hard for other dogs to distinguish the clothes-wearing dog's body language. So, if you opt to put your dog in a jacket, keep that in mind.

If you're a big Coach fan, and you want your dog too look stylish, then don't forget about the Coach dog line of clothes. There are a few different designs and styles of dog jackets that you should check out.

The jackets have a slit at the collar so that you can clip the leash through to your dog's collar for his walk; this way you don't have to take off the jacket.

Below, you'll find the more popular Coach dog clothes. The jackets come in a wide variety of sizes. You may not be able to find a jacket to fit a jumbo sized dog, whether just an extra- large breed dog or a medium breed, obese dog, but for an average small to large dog, you should find something that you like.  

Tattersall Coach Dog Jacket

The tattersall Coach jacket for dogs is one of the more popular designs. It has a basic plaid design with a brown leather trimmed collar and blue interior lining.

The tattersale jackets velcro at the stomach so that you can best adjust it to your dog's size. There is a brass lock closure for decoration.

The jackets come in a variety of sizes for all different dogs.

This is a fun stylish jacket that is fairly lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear.

Coach Puffer Dog Jacket

Like the popular puffy coats, your dog may enjoy one himself. The Coach Puffer jacket for dogs is 100% polyester.

The hood has a shearing trim and is removable; not all dogs enjoy having a hood, so the zipped hood is a great option to have. There are two metal D-rings and a fabric strip that secure the hood and to adjust the length.

The cuffs are elastic which can help keep the wind down in the sleeves.

The jacket itself has pull ties at the hem to cinch the back end closed, and assisting in keeping your dog warm.

The interior is the popular tattersall material, and the exterior is black. The jacket works well for dogs of different sizes, as well as both males and females.

Just be careful, as the jacket is dry clean only.

Black and white optical illusion style raincoat for dogs. Velcros at the stomach and neck. Removable belt; turn the silver locks to remove the belt. Comes in varied sized for small and large dogs. Works with male and female dogs.

Coach Quilted Dog Jacket

The quilted Coach dog jacket is a khaki exterior color with a chocolate brown leather trim. It is a lightweight jacket that is made of a smooth and soft material. Your dog won't even know he's wearing it.

The jacket velcros at the neck and stomach to best fit your dog. You can purchase the the jacket in many different sizes to best fit your dog, but the velcro makes sure that the coat fits your dog the best, as not all small dogs are sized the same.

The jacket shell and interior filling are both 100% polyester. The lining is 72% nylon and 28% polyester. This jacket is dry clean only.


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