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Cool Cat Toy Ideas

Updated on July 28, 2009

Cool cat toys are always a great thing that many people are looking for. I know that for me finding cool cat toys for my cat to play with was always a challenge, but once I did manage to get them it worked out wonderfully because my cat now has some very cool toys to play with. Many of the cool cat toys that I have though are not from the pet store that you would think that most of the cool cat toys come from, but they came from my own mind and various books that I purchased over the course of time that gave me some great ideas for cool cat toys. Here is one of the best cool cat toy idea that I have found and it was really easy to make at my own house.

The cool cat toy that I was able to make is what I like to call my cat fishing toy. I know that for some people this toy is very easy to make because it involves a stick, some yarn, and either a toy mouse or a ball of yarn. Now I know that some people might have to find these items, but if your around my house you will have these items at hand.Then to make this really cool cat toy you will want to try to get away from your cat in a room that he cannot get to. I know that this could be hard because most of the time your cat will follow you around.

Then to make this simple cool cat toy you will just have to tie the string onto one end of the stick I usually try to find a little notch that the string can set in. I know that for some people this could just be a pocket knife mark which is really easy to do. Then once I got the string tied onto the stick I will take either a ball of yarn or the mouse that you are going to use. Then you will want to measure out the length of yarn that you want and tie the mouse to that. Then you can use this cool cat toy to flip for your cat and get him or her to chase after it during the time and you can easily reel your cat back in and fling it out at any time that you want to.

I know that this is a cool cat toy idea that I have put into use and my cat absolutely loves it. This one simple cool cat toy idea that I have came up with has given my cat hours of enjoyment without ever having to worry about him getting bored of this toy. Not only that if I want to have my cat play with this cool cat toy while I am not home it is very easy to do because I just have to secure it to a door in my home and have some of the string out for my cat to take off with.


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    • profile image

      Make Your Own Cat Toys 6 years ago

      Awesome ideas. Will definitely have to try them!