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Da Bird Feather Cat Toy

Updated on April 17, 2011

No matter what their age, cats like to play. My cat prefers to play with plastic rings from milk jugs rather than real cat toys. He will carry a plastic around in his mouth and drop it at my feet. When I throw it, he brings it back. This would go on for hours if he had his way. I keep trying to introduce new and exciting toys with the faint hope that he will play with them. I have at least two canvas bags full of barely used cat toys. But...he still goes back to the plastic rings.

One type of toy my cat does like is the cat teaser type of toy; the type with feathers attached to a pole. He destroyed the one I had bought him. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we have to play with it together.I have discovered a wonderful teaser toy that I know he will love; it'll be his Christmas present this year.

The most popular of the teaser cat toys is Da Bird teaser cat toy from GO-CAT Feather Toys. It is currently the top selling cat toy on No matter what the level of fitness or the age of the cat, none of them can resist the pull of Da Bird.

Da Bird is basically feathers attached to a fiberglass pole with braided nylon string. The human swings the pole around and causes the feathers to dance.The pole is 36 inches long; it is available as one piece or with a break-apart pole.The feathers are put together in a way that helps them to recreate the actions and movements of real birds.

While cats lose interest in most toys, cat owners have said that their cats' practically beg to play with Da Bird. Just think, instead of having bags full of cat toys that have been played with once, you can invest in one toy that will hold your cats' interest for years.

Cat owners swear that their formerly sedentary pets leap higher than ever before, they practically fly across the room while trying to catch Da Bird.They also report that their cats' beg to play with Da Bird.

Cats Playing with Da Bird

Replacement Parts

GO-CAT also sells replacement feathers for Da Bird as your cat is sure to catch and chew on the feathers some of the time. They also offer a sparkle attachment, a fur attachment, and a puff-ball attachment as an alternative to feathers which adds variety to the game play. The replacement feathers are shipped in plastic tubes so there is no danger of them being damaged in transit.


Da Bird is a very economical item that will provide hours and hours of enjoyment for you and your cat. Just make sure you put it away where your cat can't reach it when play time is over or you will be buying replacement feathers sooner than you expect.

Da Bird is the Word

If you notice that your cat is bored with his toys and just lies around looking miserable, getting Da Bird might be the answer.

If you are trying to get your cat to exercise more, Da Bird is the product for you. It will get the most laid-back cat up and out of his bed and have him leaping around the room in no time.


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