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Dog Stroller Information

Updated on June 7, 2013

Let’s face it, your dog can get tired out. If you are out on a walk around town, sometimes your dog can get a little worn out. This can be especially true for small dogs. They have those little legs and little feet and little bodies and they can get really tuckered out trying to keep up with you. But even larger dogs can get tired sometimes. For one thing, if you are walking through the city or a long ways on cement, their unprotected paws can get a little sore. Most dogs don’t have the option of putting on a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

If you find yourself in this situation a lot, where your dog gets tired and worn out before you do, you have a couple basic options. For one thing, you can leave your pooch at home when you go out for a long walk or out to shop or do errands. But this can mean that not only does your dog have to stay all by him or herself at home, it also means you will be missing your dog’s company. What’s the other option? Well, to buy your favorite pooch a dog stroller. Just put your pet inside and let them ride in comfort and ease.

Exercise is excellent for a dog, but there are times when a dog stroller is necessary.
Exercise is excellent for a dog, but there are times when a dog stroller is necessary.

Dog Stroller Types

When shopping for a dog stroller, you will notice first that there are many sizes of strollers as well as many different designs. This is because putting your dog in a dog stroller is becoming more and more popular, and so companies are specializing in more and more types of dog strollers. This means that it is easier than ever to find the dog stroller that is best for your pet and the kinds of activities you will be engaging in. Below are some general things to keep in mind when purchasing a dog stroller.

First and foremost, you need a dog stroller that is the right size for your pet. You want something big enough so that your dog will not feel cramped but that is not too big that her or she might get jostled around too much inside. Most dog strollers are sized by way of your dog’s weight. This can give you a great general guide to buying a dog stroller but you will want to consider the pet’s shape as well. A bulldog and afghan might weigh about the same but the latter might need a bit more room to stretch out.

Next, think about what you will be doing when you take your pet out. Are you going for a leisurely stroll? If so, maybe you will want a dog stroller that is easy to push and meander with and that is stable for your dog. One of the three or four wheeled varieties of dog stroller would make a nice fit in this case. But if instead you plan to jog or run with your dog, then you will need one of the sportier varieties of dog strollers, with good ball bearings and a sleek design.

Some dogs will really want to see the world as they stroll along while others might want to lie down and take a nap. There are types of dog strollers that fit the personality of your dog. One type of dog stroller gives your pooch a place to curl up out of the limelight, a nice cozy nook that is protected from the world. The fronts of many of these types of dog strollers are made of an open mesh so that your dog can look out when it wants to and retire in privacy at other times.

Of course, you will also want to think about when you will be walking and in what kinds of weather. This will determine whether you want a dog stroller with a waterproof shell and weather resistant seams or one that is more open and suited to sunny walks in the park.

Places to Purchase a Dog Stroller

For a really comprehensive place to comparison shop the various makes of dog strollers, be sure to check out This website not only offers many different varieties of dog stroller, it also provides a buying guide to this kind of equipment and an interactive Q and A form through which you can have all your dog stroller questions answered by trained professionals.

Also, go by the online retailers known as for yet more great finds, and great deals, on a dog stroller. This store offers good selection, great prices, and free shipping on all your pet needs, including a brand new dog stroller. Browse the many different colors and makes and find the exact dog stroller that you and your dog will love.

Once you have found just the right dog stroller, you and you favorite pet are ready to hit the streets, the park, or the jogging path. No more tired legs for your canine buddy, and no more lonely days at home!


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