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Playful Puppies Need Puppy Toys

Updated on June 13, 2013

If there is one thing puppies like to do, it’s play. They spend more time playing than anything else, except maybe sleeping. They love to romp around the house or the yard, they love to wrestle with you or with other dogs, they love to chew and chase and bark and get into trouble. And not only is play necessary to keep your puppy happy, playing is how they learn as well. It is through playing that puppies learn about the world and how they fit into it. It is how they learn to socialize with other dogs and with people and it is how they learn to use their bodies and their muscles. Play for puppies is important work.

And if there’s one way to make sure your puppy plays as much as he or she should, it is by giving your young dog as many puppy toys as you can. Similar to how it is with children, the more variety of toys and experiences you give your puppy, the better off your pet will be. Having a whole range of puppy toys for your puppy to chew, to carry around, and to wrestle and chase will make sure your dog gets all the exercise it needs and all the experience it requires. Puppies love puppy toys and you will love to watch them learn and grow.

You need puppy toys to stimulate your puppies mind. You WANT them because they increase your bond with your puppy.
You need puppy toys to stimulate your puppies mind. You WANT them because they increase your bond with your puppy.

How to Buy Puppy Toys

Of course, you want to give your puppy plenty of things to play with to keep him or her stimulated and active. This will ensure that your puppy gets the exercise it needs and to let them sleep well when the day is over. But while you are buying puppy toys, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You want your puppy to play and have fun, but you also want to make sure you give your pet toys that are suitable for them and ones that are safe for them to have.

First of all, you should only give your dog puppy toys that were made just for them to play with. It is not advisable to give a puppy old socks or shoes or shirts or other items of clothing or household objects to play with. The problem is that a puppy often cannot tell the difference between the shoes and household items it is allowed to chew on and play with and those items it is not allowed to have. Thus, if you give a puppy an old shoe, don’t be surprised if he or she also goes for your expensive pair of wing tips as well.

When it comes to puppy toys, safety in concern number one. Puppy toys should be safe for your puppy to chew on because there is no doubt that you dog will do just that. Puppies learn about their world largely through their noses and their mouths. Thus, all puppy toys should be nontoxic. They should also not fall apart when they are chewed or played with to prevent pieces of the toy from being accidentally swallowed. Puppy toys should not have beads, bells, buttons or other accessories that can be chewed off the toy and swallowed.

After safety, the most important thing when it comes to puppy toys is how much fun they are. After all, a toy your puppy does not like to play with is a pretty useless toy. Puppies like things they can sink their teeth into and really chew. They like toys that are exciting, that squeak or rattle or make other fun sounds. And they like puppy toys that move in interesting and exciting ways too, that wobble or roll or skitter across the floor. If you are like most puppy owners, you might have to experiment with toys to see what kinds your pet most likes to play wit. Every puppy seems to have its own favorite kinds of puppy toys.

Of course, the final thing you should look for in puppy toys is durability. If you are going to spend good money on puppy toys, then you will want them to last a while. Buying high quality puppy toys will save you money in the long run. What’s more, puppy toys that were made by well known and trusted manufacturers will be safe for your puppy and you can rest assured when giving your pet these toys to play with. Peace of mind is a great thing to have with these little friends of ours.

What it comes down to is giving your puppy a stimulating and enriching place to live and learn. Puppy toys are an important part of your dog’s life. Have fun with your puppy!


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