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The Best Dog Whistle Online-Silent Whistle Training for Dogs

Updated on April 4, 2011

Dog Whistle Training

Why use a dog whistle?

Which dog whistle should I use?

Will my dog respond to the whistle training?

These were all the questions I was asking myself when I decided to train my gun dogs to the whistle.

In this hub I will answer all three of these questions and hopefully give you enough information and options to help you choose the correct whistle to start whistle training with your dog.

All dogs and puppies are capable of being whistle trained (obviously not deaf dogs) were hand signals would be more appropriate.

I am going to discuss and review dog whistles that you can hear; not silent dog whistles because If you can hear the whistle you know so can your dog.


Training whistle for dogs

Whistle training for sensitive ears  Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Whistle training for sensitive ears Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Why use a dog whistle?

When we think of dogs trained to the whistle; we think of working dogs, gun dogs and sheep dogs. Whistles are used because it gives the handler better control of his dog over longer distances.

A dogs audiology system (ears) can hear a whistle frequency much better than a human voice.

Dog whistle training is not the sole domain of professional dog handlers and working dogs.

Pet dogs can be just as easily trained to the whistle and it has a lot of benefits to the owner; not least it will save you straining your voice whilst shouting over outdoor noises.

Dog whistle training is beneficial for your dog as he will hear your command easier, it gives you more control over distances and has potential health benefits for you by saving your vocal chords.


Which dog whistle should I use?

In dog whistle terms there are many types, shapes, materials and sounds.

I will take you through my 3 favourite entry level dog whistles in a moment.

Firstly let me explain why I think silent dog whistles are not ideal for basic dog whistle training.

Silent dog whistles are designed for experienced dog handlers and trained dogs.

When I give my dog a command I expect him to respond straight away. If I am unable to hear the whistle myself how can I be sure my dog heard it?

I can't; therefore I don't know if my training is failing or if I have a deaf or disobedient dog

During your early dog whistle training you should reduce the chances of failure, use a whistle that you both can hear.

Vo-Toys Silent Brass Dog Whistle
Vo-Toys Silent Brass Dog Whistle

Classic Style Robust Dog Training Whistle


Large brass dog whistle

Here we have a large brass dog whistle.

It is classically shaped for ease in the mouth, has a good solid tone, not too loud as to annoy a human but frequency is high enough to make a great basic dog training whistle.

Comes complete with chain which is easily adapted for a lanyard fitting (not included)

Competitively priced.

All round dog training whistle

Pete Rickard DD640 Dual-Tone Whistle
Pete Rickard DD640 Dual-Tone Whistle

Entry Level duel tone dog Whistle


Pete Rickard's Dual-Tone Dog Whistle

Here we have a great dual-tone dog whistle offering versatility and robust design.

Benefits from two distinctively different tones or frequencies.

Gives you the opportunity to train your dog varying commands to different tones.

Great low price for such a lot of whistle.

Hunting Dog Training Whistle for Sensitive Ears

The Lucky Dog Roy Gonia training whistle is a handcrafted whistle that is used to train more Field Champions and National Champions than any other whistle.

This Whistle is designed specifically for a dogs with sensitive hearing.

Both professional trainers and knowledgeable amateurs throughout the world for all breeds of hunting and working dogs use the Roy Gonia Special dog-training whistle.

This whistle is also ideal for early basic dog whistle training.

An unbelievable low price for a whistle of this calibre.

Dog whistle training video

Will my dog respond to whistle training?


There is no reason why your dog will not respond to whistle training, think of it like this:

Dogs especially puppies love to investigate noises, they check this noise out initially by stopping; then off they go to where the noise came from.

Now think of this in relation to whistle training.

Blow your whistle (noise) dogs attention focuses on the noise (you), then whatever command you teach him to do next.

As you can see what you are actually doing is using the whistle training to work with your dogs strengths and natural instincts.

Dog whistle training classes.

Now that you have some information on whistle training for dogs why not buy a whistle and start training.

Here on hubpages I am writing a series of puppy training articles and have already published

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Most of all enjoy your training and your dog

Good Luck

Will you try whistle training?

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    • profile image

      Johna341 3 years ago

      Appreciate it for helping out, great information. dbabdebeedbe

    • Aiden Roberts profile image

      Aiden Roberts 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks raisingme :)

      I am in the process of writing a full dog whistle training program, it is taking a while though as I want it to be just right.

      Thanks again for reading this article and taking the time to comment.

    • raisingme profile image

      raisingme 7 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      Well laid out and informative hub. I look forward to reading all of them.