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Dogs- Goober and the Easter Eggs

Updated on November 12, 2014

Dogs- Goober and the Easter Eggs.

Hello again everyone let me introduce myself again, my name is Goober. I came to live with my humans two years ago. It is a nice place with a lot of fun things to do. I have a doggie brother-Chico and a doggie sister-Lanie. Also I have three cat sisters- I enjoy chasing them around for exercise.

Well today my mommy and daddy decided that is was time for all of us to have a bath. While standing in the tub and getting washed there is not much to do, it is either stand there doing nothing or think back about some fun times I have had. So I usually do the later, and it makes bath time go fast then. I like to think about those sticks of butter I told you all about before, but today I started thinking about Easter eggs. Boy, that was one fun time.

This happened about one year ago. Mommy was putting all different things around the house like pictures with ears up in the air. I found out that they were pictures of bunnies. Those pictures were so cute, I liked them There were these funny looking balls that were shaped odd she also was putting around. I saw her put them in the window on top of some type of colored string. All that looked so nice, but I wish she would have let me play with them funny looking balls.

The next day my mommy and daddy were in the kitchen I saw them get some more of then funny looking balls from where else- the refrigerator! Now what the heck were they doing in there! Gee if a guy could get that darn door open I could get some out and play with them anytime I wanted to. Now I saw mommy and daddy take bowls and put water in them. Next they put different colors in all the bowls. Then I noticed them take them odd shape balls and dip them in the colored water. My guess was they were coloring them for me and my doggie brother and sister to play with.

All day passed and I never got a ball to play with. I happened to see what mommy did with the balls. She put them into a bigger bowl with more of that weird colored straw and put them on the table! How the heck could a guy get those balls to play with. I had a plan!

After mommy and daddy went to bed I went into the kitchen and I jumped up on the chair. So, far so good for Goober! I put my paws up on that table and leaned as far as I could over to the bowl. I was able to pick one up, and it was hard to carry, but I did. It was hard to carry into the parlor, but I did. I was rolling it around, playing with it. Tried to chew on that ball, only to find pieces of it coming off. How weird can that be.

Mommy got up the next morning and I overheard her and daddy talking about something called eggs? She was complaining that pieces of shells were all over. Now I don't know about pieces of shells, all I knew was there were pieces of that weird shaped ball all over. As they kept talking and I saw mommy pick the pieces of my ball up, I learned that my ball and her egg was the same thing! Now that is interesting, that means it is food then and not a ball! Daddy happened to find my ball egg on the couch where I hid it for safe keeping. After all, I did not want anyone touching it, that ball egg belonged to me!

So the next night, I decided to get one of those egg balls again. Went back into the kitchen and up by the table, leaned over and got another egg ball. Took it back into the parlor and this night I had another plan. Since this was food I wanted to try it. Now my trouble was getting the egg out of that hard covering-I think mommy said that it is a shell. Well I bit and bit, soon It was cracking. I got that egg out and ate the whole thing. It was good.

Oh no mommy was coming down the stairs, but they would not find my egg ball because I ate the whole thing. She happened to notice the shells all over the floor again. they seemed mad at me for stealing that egg again. They got over it soon enough just by looking at me. Mommy moved that bowl into the refrigerator so I could not touch it again.

Oh another thing I learned the colored thing that was in the bowl, it is called grass. How odd can that be! I thought grass was in the yard outside and that stuff did not look like that! Humans have weird names for different things and sometimes it is hard for a guy to know what their words mean. Well, when I pulled those eggs out of that bowl, you guessed it along came some of that colored stuff, which got all over. I heard mommy say grass as she was cleaning it up. Me being a fast learner figured out she was talking about the stuff in the bowl that the eggs were sitting in. I also learned that colored grass that humans use in bowls and baskets is not food- so remember that fellow doggies out there.

Oh, well bath time is over and it felt good to think about those eggs. So it is time to get out of the water. After I get dried off I will run around the house for a few laps and do a little shaking to dry myself off. Then I roll around on the couch. I just love that feeling after a bath-it is so much fun. Until the next time we meet, take care. Love, Goober

Goober and Chico

This is me-Goober and my doggie brother, Chico
This is me-Goober and my doggie brother, Chico

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