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Birds Love Duncraft Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Updated on December 4, 2012

Small birds brighten up our gardens and backyards with birdsong, while keeping the insect populations down.

Perhaps you have even purchased a birdhouse to encourage birds to breed in your garden, as well as provide them with shelter from inclement weather.

Sometimes, especially in winter, natural bird foods are in short supply.

This is when birds, especially smaller birds, may find themselves starving as they have to complete with bigger birds and sometimes squirrels too.

Buy Duncraft squirrel proof bird feeders. A name you can trust, backed up with high quality craftsmanship, Duncraft make robust feeders that will deter even the most determined squirrel, allowing the small birds in your yard to flourish.

They are actually cheaper to buy at Amazon than at either eBay or Duncraft themselves.

Duncraft 171 Squirrel Proof Selective Feeder
Duncraft 171 Squirrel Proof Selective Feeder | Source

The central feeding tube in this Duncraft bird feeder hold 1.5lbs of birdseed (not provided).

As you can see, the central tube is surrounded by a wire mesh that only small birds can get through to reach the food.

Larger birds and squirrels can only look on, no matter how hungry they themselves are. I am sure you will have provided a food outlet for them elsewhere in the garden.

A McDonalds for big birds and squirrels!

Especially during icy and snowy weather, all the creatures in our yards can find themselves hungry as insects are hidden from sight.

This bird feeder ensures the small birds are taken care of too.

There are six metal feeding perches built-in, and any discarded seeds simply drop through the wire netted base to the ground.

The Duncraft 171 Squirrel Proof Selective Feeder comes with a hook for easy hanging in a sheltered spot in your yard.

Clean it regularly with a mixture of water and vinegar to discourage avian bacteria from multiplying.

Duncraft 18834 Squirrel Proof Blocker Selective
Duncraft 18834 Squirrel Proof Blocker Selective | Source

The Duncraft 18834 Squirrel Proof Blocker Selective seems to work very well. It is a feeding tube surrounded by a wire mesh.

The squirrels can't get in, but the distance betweent the feeding tube and the birds outside the cage seems to be just perfect to allow birds to feed with ease.

It's 16" tall and holds 1.5lbs of birdseed.

12 birds can perch and feed at the same time, and there is a double squirrel lock at the top to prevent squirrels from just lifting the lid off and helping themselves.

The metal cage and tube of this bird feeder is sturdy and will not get damaged by either the birds' beaks nor by squirrels trying to get in.

It is made from metal and not plastic.

Several people who have bought this feeder rate it very highly.

Duncraft 15401 Champion Squirrel Blocker Platform Feeder
Duncraft 15401 Champion Squirrel Blocker Platform Feeder | Source

This type of bird feeder is for all types of birds, and deters squirrels although it doesn't keep them out.

The Duncraft 15401 Champion Squirrel Blocker Platform Feeder can be mounted on a 12 diameter post.

It also comes with a hanging loop should you wish to hang it up instead.

The tray at the bottom that holds the bird seed has just the right room for a beak to pass through the mesh, but not a paw.

This is an all metal sturdy construction with a roof to keep out the worst of the rain.

The underside of the seed tray is also dotted with holes to assist ample drainage.

The seed tray holds 1lb of sunflower seeds, not supplied.

It is always a good idea to install bird feeders near to trees and bushes, to offer the birds some protection from predators that may be above them in the open.

Duncraft 18814 Squirrel Proof Accent Selective Feeder
Duncraft 18814 Squirrel Proof Accent Selective Feeder | Source

This is a very effective squirrel deterrant as they simply cannot reach the food through the small fence openings.

The little song birds can easily pop through, and sit on one of the 4 feeding stations to fill themselves to their heart's content.

The fencing is metal with a plastic coating so there is nothing sharp there to snag on a little's birds wings.

The lockable roof keeps squirrels and rain out.

The base has netting to allow unused seed to drop through instead of collecting where it can encourage vermin.

  • This birdfeeder is 11.5" tall x 10.5" in diameter.
  • It features a central tube feeder.
  • The base twists off for easy cleaning.
  • Lockable lid keeps out squirrels.
  • Comes highly recommended by previous buyers.

Duncraft Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders


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