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Luxury Bird Houses

Updated on December 11, 2012

Why give your garden birds a glorified box to nest in, when you can provide then with luxury bird houses that will look superb in your garden too.

Luxury bird houses serve two purposes.

  1. They provide a sheltered area for our feathered friends.
  2. They look good.

Some of the bird houses on this page would not be out of place in a Homes and Gardens magazine.

Even if you don't actually like birds all that much, you would be tempted to buy one just because they are so attractive to look at.

For the bird lover, a luxury bird house serves more than one function, and would look great in anyone's backyard.

Bird houses are places for birds to shelter from inclement weather, as well as places to nest.

Many bird species return to the same place to nest year after year, ensuring that your garden always has a welcome supply of birds to removed aphids and undesirable insects from plants.

Some birds eat mosquitoes too, which is an added bonus, but bats are generally far more efficient at getting rid of those particular insects.

Birds that feed at dusk, like swallows and house martens, are mosquito eaters.

If you want to attract a specific type of bird into your garden, then it is the size of the bird house entrance hole that will determine the type of bird that lives there.

Too small, and the bird can't get in, too large, and other, bigger birds will go in and deter smaller birds.

There is a handy reference guide to ideal entrance hole sizes here.

 Enchanted Fairytale Cottage Outdoor Garden Birdhouse
Enchanted Fairytale Cottage Outdoor Garden Birdhouse | Source

14.5" Fully Functional Enchanted Fairytale Cottage Outdoor Garden Birdhouse

This beautiful luxury bird house (pictured above) weights just 10lbs but is finished to a high standard with attention paid to detail.

  • It has a porch that goes all the way round
  • A cedar roof
  • Two stories, with 2nd story balconies
  • The upstairs entrance hole is an ideal size for smaller birds, including wrens, finches, chickadees, nuthatches and titmice
  • It measures 14.5"H x 7.5"W x 12.5"D
  • Made completely without any harmful chemicals
  • Finished in long-lasting non-toxic outdoor paint
  • Base not supplied but can be ordered separately


BirdHouse Amish-made with High Copper Roof 10-hole
BirdHouse Amish-made with High Copper Roof 10-hole | Source

You can't feature luxury bird houses with the best craftmanship without featuring at least one Amish-made bird house!

Made by a Pennsylvanian Amish master craftsman, the wonderful bird house has been designed to last and last, no matter the weather.

  • It is 32" high x 14" in diameter.
  • Made from thick pine and heavily coated a non-toxic wood stain for weather protection.
  • The roof is made from copper with finial details.
  • Hook & eye solid brass hinged sections for easy cleaning.
  • Comes ready for 4" x 4" post mounting (not supplied)

Contact the seller, amishshop, for details on the size of bird holes provided, as those details are not given. There are 10 entrance holes so this bird house is designed for lots of birds.

This bird house has a unique and individual style that will never go out of fashion.

Birds will flock to this luxurious custom-built home.

Treat our feathered friends with this delightful protected nesting place.


Home Bazaar Post Lane Cottage Birdhouse

Home Bazaar Post Lane Cottage Birdhouse
Home Bazaar Post Lane Cottage Birdhouse | Source

The Home Bazaar Post Lane Cottage Birdhouse is gorgeous.

This birdhouse would make a welcome addition to any home garden or yard where it will add to the décor.

It has two nest boxes inside and is described as being suitable for wrens, chickadees, finches, nuthatches and titmice.

Over two floors, it has a turret and a two-sided protected terrace with cute flower hanging baskets.

  • It is 12" x 16" x 12" in size.
  • Fully constructed, no assembly required.
  • All-wooden construction.
  • Finished in non-toxic paint
  • Removable back wall for easy cleaning.
  • Already has drill holes for ventilation and drainage.


Home Bazaar HB-9040L Garden Pavilion Bird Large Bird House

Home Bazaar HB-9040L Garden Pavilion Bird Large Bird House
Home Bazaar HB-9040L Garden Pavilion Bird Large Bird House | Source

This is a beautiful English conservatory-inspired pavilion bird house that not only provides luxury nesting accommodation for the small birds in your backyard, but is so aesthetically pleasing will be a delight to look out on, day after day.

Inside it contains 2 nests, each one with its own 1.25" opening. This size is suitable for small garden birds like chickadees, wrens, nuthatches, titmice and downy woodpeckers.

  • It is 16" x 12" x 11.25" in size.
  • Constructed entirely from exterior grade wood.
  • Finished in non-toxic paint.
  • The base is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Ventilation and drainage is built-in

The attention to detail on this bird house is all the way round, just like the others, because birdhouses will be placed in different positions according to the direction of the prevailing winds and other factors in each person's home.

The post is an optional extra and the bird house comes with mountings already installed.

More ornamental luxury bird houses


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    • Isabel Melville profile imageAUTHOR

      Isabel Melville 

      6 years ago from Planet Earth

      I should go over and read your hubs, I would love to keep chickens but don't know the first thing about them!

    • ChickenHouses profile image


      6 years ago from North Central Florida

      Beautiful work.

    • Isabel Melville profile imageAUTHOR

      Isabel Melville 

      6 years ago from Planet Earth

      @Stephanie - what a shame your husband never finished his Martin house! He should have looked at photos of what other people have done to mount them because they are big birdhouses.

      @Gloshie, I would love the top one feature here - it is just amazing, but the winds here would wreck it.

      @Peggy, there are some gorgeous church birdhouses. Lucky you for having one:) Maybe you should write a hub about it? (if you haven't already)

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      What gorgeous birdhouses! We have a birdhouse that looks like a church in our backyard and it has one family of birds after another using it almost constantly. May as well have pretty birdhouses as well as functional! Useful hub. Thanks!

    • Gloshei profile image


      6 years ago from France

      OMG I want to be a bird to live in a house like that. They are lovely too good to be outside, they wouldn't last in the weather here.

      Lovely hub and gives you ideas even if not so elaborate.

      Thankyou for sharing it with us.

    • StephanieBCrosby profile image

      Stephanie Bradberry 

      6 years ago from New Jersey

      Nice bird houses. My husband actually started making a big Martin house. I think it was too big because he could never figure out the best way to mount it on a metal pole, so he ended up throwing it away. What a shame and a waste. It was really nice.


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