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Easy Hummingbird Nectar Solution Recipe

Updated on May 27, 2011

Fill-er Up!

Easy Hummingbird Nectar Solution Recipe

Do yourself a favor and save yourself some time and money- don’t purchase premade syrup solutions for your hummers. Commercially available nectar solutions have not been proven safe for hummingbirds, and the sugar syrup recipe is stamped on the underside of every Hummzinger feeder's lid for quick and easy reference. Commercial mixes contain lots of unneeded chemicals and also red dye that hasn’t been tested for safety in hummingbirds.

The syrup solution is very easy to make:

One part cane sugar (sucrose) to four parts water. Do not use sugar substitutes- you might be trying to keep your weight down, but the hummers need every calorie and carbohydrate that natural cane sugar provides. This syrup recipe is a very close reproduction of natural flower nectar. Flower nectar is mainly water and natural sugars like sucrose and/or glucose. Other nutrients that hummingbirds need they get from catching and eating small bugs.

Put your sugar/water solution into a medium sized kettle and mix well while bringing just to a boil. Make sure all the sugar is dissolved, then turn off the heat and let the solution cool before filling your feeder. Bringing the solution just to a boil provides enough heat to kill any bacteria that may be present in the water or sugar and prevents early spoilage. Promptly refrigerate any leftover solution and bring back to room temperature by setting it out on the counter for a few hours prior to re-filling your feeders with it.

Remember to hang your feeders in the shade- not only will it prevent rapid spoilage of the syrup, your hummers will also thank you for it- after all, how would you like to sit down to a hot drink after exercising in the heat of the sun?

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Enjoy watching these amazing little birds!


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