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First time Rottweiler owner? Join the club.

Updated on June 13, 2011
My sweet Ella is not only my first Rottweiler, she is my first dog. Ever. I didn't even have one as a kid.
My sweet Ella is not only my first Rottweiler, she is my first dog. Ever. I didn't even have one as a kid.

I don't believe that having had a Rottweiler in the past makes you qualified. It's whether or not your lifestyle matches the needs of the breed, and whether or not your have the willingness and the resources to dedicate to a dog (any dog, for that matter) is what makes you a good owner.

Read and research. Don't downplay the facts: you must have time and be in a stable financial situation in order to own a dog, especially a large working breed dog.

If you are getting a puppy - be ready for many sleepless nights. You must take out your pup every 3-4 hours for the first month or so - not to put the strain on the small bladder, and to develop good potty habits. This includes those hours at night that you are probably used to dedicate to sleeping. Weekend mornings? Gone. You'll be up bright and early walking your pup.

Rottweilers are a working breed - they must work. Every day. Whether you are sick or healthy, whether you feel like it or not, whether the weather is nice or scolding hot, or freezing cold. You must have a plan for those days when you have a fever, or have a long day at work. It's like having a child - you can't take a break without planning out the important details.

Rottweilers must be kept in formal training for the first 2-3 years of their life, and if at all possible, as long as they are healthy. This is a no small expense. Don't listen to those who say you can train your dog yourself - you absolutely must find reputable trainer and sign up for classes.

And, of course, be ready for fun surprises. Apparently, many Rottweilers like to sleep on their back. They pass gas, that can clear out the room full of people, and I swear, flowers melt on impact. They will create and teach you their own games. They will learn new tricks faster than you will be able to learn how to teach them new tricks.

The moral of the story is - there is nothing wrong with having a Rottweiler as your first dog, as long as you do your research and realize the commitment you must make in order to invite this wonderful, smart, working breed into your life.


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    • Bukarella profile image

      Lyudmyla Hoffman 4 years ago from United States

      Annellee, 6 weeks is a little bit young to be separating a pup from her mom. The best advice I can give it to visit forums and to actually pay attention to the advice. They really do have a ton of experience and an answer to every question. Get ready for a long teething stage. heh! Since we've got Ella, we now started to foster rotties as well, and just recently adopted our latest 4 y.o. foster boy. The best breed evah, for anyone who is willing to take the dog to class and give it time and healthy exercise that it deserves.

    • profile image

      Annelie 4 years ago

      My puppy is now 6 weeks old. It seems if she is accepting me as her owner, which I prefer. Sometimes she looks at me with a strange look in her eyes. It's the first time we have a Rotweiler, and I hope that I handle her correctly so that we can be happy together.

    • Bukarella profile image

      Lyudmyla Hoffman 5 years ago from United States

      when I think back to our days when Ella was a baby puppy, I think my most pressing concerns were - how do we stop puppy biting, how do we maintain her puppy-friendliness into her Rottweiler adulthood, and how do we keep her safe. The first one I answer really well in this hub:

      , the second one we dealt with through consistent, never-ending socialization and classes (I am a firm believer in keeping "working breeds" at work, and therefore, strongly recommend that you find a good training facility nearby and be prepared to keep your dog in class for at least two years), and the last one just meant our vet got a lot of phone calls the first few months of Ella's life heh... I also highly recommend you visit rottweiler forum at You will find a lot of experienced, breed specific advice there. Good luck with your pup!

    • profile image

      Vanessa 5 years ago

      Hi i was glad to come across your Hub, I am a first time dog/rottweiler owner my pup is 2 months old Female Mazy. We leave her in the bathroom of a night with her bed and wee pads that she goes on. I am home during the day while my oartner is at work and i am not sure whether to walk her or stay in and play basically if you could give some good tips of what to do when they are this age would be great any info would be wonderful.

      Thanks so much. Vanessa

    • Winter Maclen profile image

      Chris 6 years ago from Illinois

      I am not only on my fourth Rott, but I also rescue and foster, and it's worth every moment.

    • Bukarella profile image

      Lyudmyla Hoffman 6 years ago from United States

      Thanks, Shawn. It was such a delight to realize that I can sleep through the night, after a many sleepless weeks. Now, being able to sleep in on days off - is a whole 'nather story... :)

    • Shawn Scarborough profile image

      Shawn Scarborough 6 years ago from The Lone Star State

      I remember waking up every morning at 3am to let my first Rottweiler puppy out to go to the bathroom. Great hub, nice picture too.

    • Bukarella profile image

      Lyudmyla Hoffman 6 years ago from United States

      Thank you for stopping by. Ella is my pride and joy, and she is a great ambassador for her breed.

    • Rebekah  Nydam profile image

      Rebekah Nydam 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Ella is beautiful!! I love this hub, everything you say is so true!