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Rottweiler Dog Facts and Puppy Information

Updated on May 2, 2011

Rottweilers are a breed of dog that originated in Germany a few hundred years ago. It was there in Germany, that these working dogs were used for their impressive hunting skills in bringing down wild boar and for this dog breeds abilities as cattle dogs. While some believe that the German Rottweilers descended from the Tibetan Mastiff back in the ancient Roman times, other historians say that the Rottweiler descended from early versions of the German Shepherd, making the true ancestry of the Rottweiler uncertain.

Later on during World War One, Rottweilers were used as police dogs and guard dogs. Because of the major role Rottweilers played in World War One, the American Kennel Club recognized this intelligent guard dog as an official purebred dog breed back in 1935, despite the fact that the German Rottweiler had been around for many years prior to the war. Then, it took another lengthy 30 years before the British Kennel Club ever even accepted Rottweilers as a legitimate purebred dog breed. Now in more recent years, Rottweilers have managed to become one of the most well known canines in all of the United States and around the world. Rottweilers do however have a bad rap and reputation for their temperaments, but at the same time the Rottweiler is perhaps though, the best known guard dog in existence.

Rottweiler Coat

Rottweilers are commonly associated with their classic black coats with either tan or brown markings that are similar to that of a Doberman Pinscher. Rottweiler dogs have tan markings on their eyebrows, muzzles, paws, underneath their tails, their legs, and sometimes their chests. The Rottweiler or the Rottie has coats that are straight and course in texture with a subtly glossy shine to them. These guard dogs wear predominantly single layered coats that are double layered on their thighs and necks.

Rottweiler Appearance

The Rottie dogs have sturdy, muscular masculine built bodies with deep broad chests in which lead to moderately thinner waists, giving these guard dogs a strong fearsome appearance. Rottweilers have short compact, large thick heads with incredibly powerful jaws; these working dogs have square muzzles, brown almond shaped eyes, and small triangular ears. It's rare to see a Rotty without a stubby docked tail. German Rottweiler dogs have arched backs and are considerably large boned canines. As a whole, Rotties share an appearance similar to that of a Bullmastiff.

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Standard Withers and Weight

Male Rottweiler dogs have average withers between 24 inches and 27 and a half inches in height. Female Rottweilers stand on withers that usually measure from 22 and a half to 24 inches. If either a male Rottweiler of female Rottweiler measures more or less than the norm, this is often times considered as an unwanted faulty trait that make those Rottweilers bad candidates for dog breeding.

Male Rottweilers and Female Rottweilers should weigh anywhere between 89 to 110 lbs. Any weight that is more or less is considered to be unhealthy.


Rottweiler Health

The Rottie is overall a healthy dog breed, but like 95% of purebred dog breeds, these guard dogs are prone to some hereditary health conditions and concerns. Some of the hereditary health conditions that the Rottie is prone to include Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) and some eye problems. Rottweilers are in particularly at an increased risk for developing Canine His Dysplasia when they're overweight. The chance for the Rottweiler dog breed to get Canine Hip Dysplasia also increases due to age.

Rottweiler Life Expectancy

Rotties have an average life expectancy of 11 to 12 and a half years of age. Rottweilers can however live a few years beyond their average life expectancy when they're physically healthy and mentally healthy happy canines. The same applies for a neglected or sick Rottie, in that these guard dogs can live below their average life expectancy by a number of years when they suffer malnutrition, neglect, being overweight or obese, and occasionally by developing life threatening health conditions just due to simply bad luck.

Training Rottweilers

When training Rottweilers, it's crucial to keep in mind how important it is to use positive dog training techniques with your Rottie. These Working Dogs are somewhat prone to developing aggression and other temperamental issues when negative and harsh dog training techniques are used while training Rottweilers and Rottweiler puppies. When Rottweilers are taught using positive dog training techniques, they are some of the best, well behaved dogs breeds out there, but when they are neglected or their dog training is done incorrectly they can become especially dangerous due to their massive strength, size, and power.

Rottweilers are believe it or not, are incredibly intelligent dogs that respond well with obedience dog training. Not only does the Rotty respond well to dog obedience training, but it is also just a simply easy dog breed to train overall. Sadly though, because of the fact that there have been cases of inexperienced dog owners who were incorrectly training Rottweilers, Rotties do not make a good choice of canine for new and inexperienced dog owners.

Buying a Puppy Rottweiler

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy Rottweiler, there are a few things that you need to think about first and to keep in consideration. Like for one, you need to pick out your puppy Rottweiler from some reputable Rottweiler breeders. This is because, you should always purchase purebred dog breeds from people you can trust. Second, most all of the legitimate professional Rottweiler breeders have taken a stance on ridding of any unnecessary aggression from the Rottie, so now you can buy a puppy Rottweiler whom will grow into a highly obedient canine companion that can still make an amazing guard dog at the same time.

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